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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Game of Numbers

3 - hours spent pressure washing things this weekend
511 - blogs I've written since coming to blogger! (512 if you count this one)
7.5 - hours of sleep I was supposed to get last night
4 - hours of sleep I think I actually got
154 - photos I posted from Hawaii (on Facebook)
1.5 - hours of actual work I've done today
9 - days until I leave for Missouri
21.5 - my cats weight, in pounds
1 - day until GLEE LIVE!
100 - days until Milwaukee
2 - number of sore arms I have from kicking ass this weekend!
6.5 - pounds of pork butt I slow cooked using a traditional Hawaiian Recipe this weekend - YUM!


Anonymous said...

Glee live? Oh my gosh, what's that?!?!

I am rarely on FB so I didn't see your pics were up. definitely gonna check that out soon.

Smart Ass Sara said...

We have a pressure washer and Matt says I can't use it. BUT I did convince him he should wash my van then since it was gross with bug guts from my Milwaukee trip. :/ So.. I'm putting it in the "win" category. :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am so happy you're doing a Milwaukee countdown!

And I want to pressure wash something, that kind of sounds like fun!

Kristi said...

Your CAT is 21.5 LBS???!!!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!

KimBerly said...

What the heck were you pressure washing for 3 hours? I love pressure washing things. Sounds strange but I find it fun. Lol.

Oh and I love fat cats.


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