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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random v.11.02

So... thanks to those who commented, I found out that blogger was down late last week.  My bedroom post was unpublished when I went back to look and I was super was missing some photos as well -  so, I've reposted it, but it had no comments on it - so if you left one, I didn't get it.  If you haven't seen the post, click HERE to find it.  Not saying you have to go re-comment.. but if you had something awesome to say... you probably need to go say it again, because I love reading awesome.
The post I had scheduled for yesterday (Maui Photos) was in my list twice, both scheduled to post, one missing photos and verbiage.  So I had to fix that so that you could see all the photos... so so silly.  Pretty sure I got all the comments to that post just fine!

I had to take my kitty to the emergency vet on Thursday - I woke up for the day and went to go feed him, only I couldn't find him...turns out he was laying by the back door lifeless... I started bawling.  I woke Steve up and had him come down to try and talk to Boomer.  LONG story short, he has pancreatitis.  EXPENSIVE vet bill later, he is at home where I am trying to care for him and nurse him back to health.  He is on a special bland diet and he had some pain meds that I had to give him... He goes back in tonight for a follow up, less expensive, visit.  I'm hoping all the blood work comes back in his favor.  He finally slept in the bed with us last night, first time since Wednesday night.  Boomer has really put me on a roller coaster ride of emotion.
I had to take Thursday off for that little guy, the vet visit wasn't super fast, then I had to get him meds and give him the meds... so the day was a waste as far as work was concerned.

Then on Friday Boomer and I had a sort of lazy day, for the most part... he was lazier than I was... but I still managed to get in a nap.  I didn't sleep well on Thursday night wondering if he was okay or why he wouldn't come upstairs.

Saturday was a pretty icky day outside as far as weather goes, but I got together with my cousin to talk engagement photos (I'm going to be the photographer for those)... we went and had a pedicure, went to lunch at panera, then went to a purse store in downtown Anoka.  It was a much needed break from the stress of dealing with my cat and worrying about him.  Shannon and I managed to pick some locations and picked out a date to do the photos (with a backup date, in case of bad weather)

Sunday, Steve and I got some shit done around the house... and in the yard.  It's safe to say, we kicked ass.  He mowed the lawn, I took a shovel to all the grass clumps we had growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, then we threw down some fertilizer on the grass (which also kills the dandelions, and we gots lots of 'em)... The next day the weeds were wilting and the lawn already looked better!  We also installed some motion senor lights on the garage - one of the things about the house is some of the stuff doesn't quite make sense to me.  The outside garage lights are controlled from inside the garage - which... makes sense .. kinda - I'd like to be able to turn on the lights from inside the house though, you know, for those dark winter mornings and I can't see anything as I walk out to my car.  So, one of the things we bought at Home Depot on our shopping spree - motion lights!  We actually got 2 of them as there were 2 fixtures that needed replacing.  Anyhow - we got 'em switched out and now we have light when we walk outside!  Not as exciting as the summer light is upon us.. but it will be super exciting as the daylight hours begin to fade.  Ugh, I don't even want to talk about that yet... it's barely spring.

Yesterday, I had to take another day off work to drive 3 hours with Steve to attend a funeral for his grandma.  She was 96 years old!  How awesome is it to make it to that age?!  I got to meet Steve's grandma once last summer - but it was pretty obvious how amazing she was.  As I sat there and listened to all of her friends, family, and people whose lives she touched in a very special way, I couldn't help but get pretty emotional.
It really got me thinking about how I want to be remembered and the impact I want to have on peoples lives... I want people to stand at my funeral and talk about me in a positive way.  It really has me deep inside my head - How can I be a better person?  Is this really a big deal; am I overreacting?  Let it go.
I don't think I've ever mentioned faith, God, or church in any of my posts; maybe one day I'll blog about it... it's a pretty confusing topic to me.
I'm just glad I had the honor of meeting one of God's most amazing people put on this Earth.

So, it was a long weekend as far as not working, but it was a pretty exhausting weekend as far as everything goes!

Back to work now...


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

We really need to get some yard stuff done, we have dandelions like crazy here. And we need weed and bug killer for the backyard. AND I want to plant some flowers at the front of the house. AND I would love to buy a futon for our screened in porch. It goes on and on. But isn't it fun?

I hope Boomer's okay, pet stuff like that is never fun. I remember when Monte ate a q-tip and was bleeding from his rear end (gross, I know) and I started having panic attacks at the thought of losing him. So scary!

gringationcancun said...

Glad you got stuff done around the house!

Sorry to hear about Boomer, and I hope he gets better soon. Pets are the best.

Kristi said...

Scary stuff with kitty, glad he is feeling better. I had a much sadder experience twice in the past few months (as you know).
As far as how you live your life, I think the little things do matter as much as the big things. I try to live my life in a "friendly and caring" kind of way and I think it makes a big difference to those I come in contact with.

KimBerly said...

I did post about your room. It turned out so cute! I need to work on our room but it's so small. I hate it!

I'm glad that you got to meet his Grandma. I love listening to stories from older people. I love the wisdom and hearing about "the old days".

Dana Leigh said...

Sorry about Steve's grandma and I'm glad to hear Boomer is getting better. Those animals mean so much to us humans! You had a full weekend. Oh, and I got a pedi on Sat too. My feet are ready for summer!


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