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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii: Maui

I don't really know where to begin or end this post - I'm just going to upload photos and give some brief explanations about them; in short, Maui is amazing.  

I love how every drink in Hawaii is served with a flower :)

 The absolute BEST restaurant on Maui - Mama's Fish House, worth every penny
Our little rental car (note to anyone traveling to Maui, f you rent a car and want a convertible, you WILL get a Mustang convertible... just FYI, they have NOTHING else.
Surfboards :)

 Cheeseburgers In Paradise 

 Sand Writing...

 We went to a Luau - it was by far the happiest and most memorable time I had in Hawaii.  You're greeted with a fresh, real flower lei that smells divine!  The employees walk around with trays of Mai Tai's that actually taste good!  I'm assuming they use some sort of mix, because we tried a mai tai at every single place we went... and none were good except for the ones at the Luau.

The uncovering of the luau pig 
 The Luau Show - absolutely AMAZING dancing!

 The Road to Hana sights and views:

Black Sand Beach 

 See?  Black Sand on my feet!  There were signs posted all over saying not to swim because of sea creatures (Man o' War, jellyfish, and other dangerous things - this made me sad as I really wanted to recreate this video, which naturally, because it's in B&W, I feel like it takes place on a black sand beach)
 Black Sand Beach from afar
 Rounding the corner to a red sand beach
Seriously - isn't the water color amazing!? 
Red Sand Beach 

 Molokini - where we went Whale watching
We were very lucky to see a lot of whale breach's - but were unable to get any good pictures (I didn't take my camera out on the boat as I was terrified that I'd lose it in the depths of the ocean).  We also heard a pod of whales in competition for a female... it was a pretty surreal experience!  
That, my friends, is a whale's tail.
 The little triangle piece - that's passion fruit - my new addiction
 We shouldn't be so happy on a plane ride home, but ... we had just finished a great vacation together AND... while at the Honolulu airport, I was able to talk to some local grocery stores and find out where I can buy passion fruit in Minnesota!  ♥


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am insanely jealous of your vacation, it looks so amazing!

Kristi said...

WOW< it is gorgeous there in Maui!!! I definitely need to start saving so I can make a trip like this!!

Krystal said...

STUNNING pictures!

Gringation Cancun said...

Loooove the different colors of sand!

Dana Leigh said...

I love all of your pictures and it truly looks like paradise. When you linked the Chris Isaak video, I KNEW what video you were talking about before I even opened it just by talking about the black sand and recreating the video. :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow! Hawaii! I love all the pictures!


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