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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random v.11.03

To answer some of yesterday's comments...
@Kristi - Yep.. LOL, Boomer is a whooping 21.5 pounds.  That is down from the 22# he was when we moved in to the new house, so he's down some!  My mother used to feed him a good bit of human food and give him treats daily - so we're trying to get him on a better feeding regimen.  I've only ever fed him 1/2 cup of food a day; he gets 1/4 cup in the morning and the same at dinner time.
@Laura - Glee live is the entire cast of Glee, in concert!  No shit!  It's tonight.  I'm pumped, Steve said I can't make out with Puck :(
To all who commenting on pressure washing - Steve and I are undertaking a huge project - we're painting the trim of our house (have a posted pictures of the outside of the house?) - it's a huge house, so it's a ridiculous project.  A lot of the paint is chipping and peeling, so the idea was to use the pressure washer to get all the loose paint off - so... on Sunday, I busted out the pressure washer (borrowed from Steve's dad) and started on the house trim - it took a good bit of time.  I was only able to get the lower half of the house done, and even that is not 'finished' as of this moment.  So that contributed to a good part of the 3 hours of pressure washing.
THEN... after mowing the lawn and using our new {free} weed-wacker with edging attachment to edge the sidewalk, I decided that I liked pressure washing so much, that I was going to do the sidewalk as well - and OMG does it ever look beautiful, like brand new.  I seriously had a hard time handing it over to Steve to let him do one square of the walk!  I'm like a ... pressure washing addict!  So the sidewalk is long, so it took a good bit of time as well.
(I'll seriously come do any pressure washing you want done, you just provide the pressure washer!)

So I got a lot of house cleaning done on Friday, my day off.
The rest of the weekend we were able to get a ton of stuff done too - lawn mowed and wacked around the trees and other areas where the mower can't reach.  We trimmed up almost all of our trees, there were a lot of low hanging branches and some with branches growing up from the ground so the tree looked more like a bush - no longer!  We bought a dandelion remover thingy... so we did some removing of those, but I got bored with it, so I quit.  Sidewalk edged (which makes it look so much better!), things pressure washed... all in all a really productive weekend!

Quickly, I want to mention how amazing the boyfriend is - around mothers day we were given a free lawn mower, something that hadn't been used in a few years and wouldn't stay running anymore.  We needed one, so we took it with the plan for Steve to try and fix it - so for <$15 (I'm not sure exactly how much was spent) he got it running and now we have a lawn mower!
THEN... this past weekend we went to his bosses house and picked up a free weed wacker that they bought last summer and it wouldn't stay running when they tried to use it this year - for ~$7, Steve had it running!  They gave us the edging attachment as mentioned above as well, so it was like a super bonus!
Two completely necessary lawn grooming devices, for free!  It's amazing what people have to get rid of... you bring it up in passing, the next thing you know it's yours!

Lastly, as this is already LONG... Today marks 2 years of Steve and I (officially) dating!  I add the officially because we kind of transitioned into a relationship without ever really marking an official date.  So we put some thought into when that happened and came up with June 1st.  We've been 'together' longer than 2 years though...  :)  YAY for happiness!!  I love you baby!


Dana Leigh said...

You guys are full-on homeowners! I wish M had that much motivation when it came to maintaining the house. :)

Congrats on an official 2 years! M and I just made up a date too in between when we started being more than friends and actually became exclusive. Our date is Nov 1. :) Hope you guys can do something fun and enjoy each other's company today!

Steve said...

I love you too baby!

Anonymous said...

COngrats on 2 years!!

I wouldn't take Jorge to a Glee concert... gotta be free to make out with Puck, Sam or Artie. :) Have fun! Pics or it didn't happen!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm starting to think that Steve might be a genius....

KimBerly said...

Congrats on 2 years!


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