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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random - v.10.7

I don't really know what to say today, but I feel like I need to post and assure everyone I am still around.

1. I've added some more pictures to my April photo hunt, many of them could change by the end of the month... but at least I have something, so go check that out.

2. I realized the other day that my mother has a mini tin man (from The Wizard of Oz) hanging in the yard.  I think he needs his oil can....

3. We had an old fridge at work, so I did a quick photo shoot with it... here is just one that I ended up liking:

4. Last week my favorite beer maker, Grain Belt, released a new beer named after the neighborhood I grew up in, Nordeast.  The boyfriend and I traveled to the Nordeast 'hood to try it out.  It was quite delicious and since you can't enjoy the beer itself... enjoy some pictures:

I think I'm at a loss for what to write about... so hopefully you enjoyed the pictures.  Who else is playing along in the April Photo Hunt?

I get to do a photo shoot today (weather pending) of the trailers we make at my job... maybe I'll post some of those for you to see... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I were a photographer!

And a beer drinker...

I like the tin man!

Magpie said...

Mini Tin Man is the cat's pyjamas! I want one!!!

Kellie said...

I need to get up to date on the photo hunt thingy! I wanted to do it then lost track of things.

JMay said...

omg that tin man is AMAZING :-)

Seriously so cute. That fridge would be so fun for a photoshoot too!



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