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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random - v.10.6

**I generally get into work on any given day and open my Google Chrome to find a couple to a few items sitting and waiting to be read in my Google Reader tab.  This morning, as I sat with coffee mug in hand, I opened this post and continued to read on.  I couldn't stop... Magpie is such a great story teller; I started reading her blog a few weeks back and I'm absolutely hooked.  If you want a good read, check out this story!  Subscribe to her blog as well.. she has some great content!  (how's that for a free plug Magpie ;))

**Speaking of blogging... I'm curious how you blogging people 'manage' your comments.  So, you write a blog and persons A, B, and C comment on it.  Do you go back and reply to each of those comments (in the comment section)?  Do you let them sit and not reply?  Do you reply to only one or two?
It's always been something that I just don't know what proper (blog) etiquette is.
For me... I comment on a blog and rarely ever go back to see if my comment has been replied to, therefore, I tend to not reply on my own blog when someone leaves a comment.  However, I have done it on occasion and will continue to do it, especially if someone asks a question of me or something of the like.
I also have my email address linked to my blogger account, so when I comment on a blog, if that blogger receives email notifications (and let's be honest, we all do!), they should be able to reply to that email and have it come to my inbox.  This also holds true for those off-blogger blogs (WordPress and others) that ask for email address.  A lot of the comments on my blog do not link back to email addresses, so I can't reply directly to the person.
It's just a lot of work to go back every day and reply to the comments (not that I'm blowing up with comments). Plus, sometimes there is just nothing more to say...
So what do YOU do?

Ok.. moving along -

**For those of you who are new readers in the past month or so.  The photo scavenger hunt that I posted about the other day.. if you want to sign up, please do!  All the rules and details (and sign-up) can be found here; basically you have the entire month of April to take pictures that align with each item on the list.  At the end of the month, you post your blog link on that same site so everyone who entered can see your entry.  It's rather fun, especially if you enjoy taking pictures, and it takes place every other month.  You don't have to be a professional photographer or even be good at taking pictures... if you enjoy doing it, you will enjoy this!  I highly encourage everyone to sign up!!  I will continue to post about it, so you are aware it's happening.
I create a post and add pictures to it as the month goes along... so you can continue to see what I've done throughout the month of April.


xoxoKrysten said...

In response to your comments questions:

I try to respond to every comment posted on my blog. Which can be HARD because some days I get A LOT of comments. However, generally I don't go back to see what they said to me (if anything).

And, like you, every now and again I'll reply to someone's comment in my comments but not that often. It just seems weird, ya know?

Anonymous said...

In my case, it depends on the post and the comments. If I see the post generates comments stating a variety of opinions or questions, I'll usually respond to each one.

If it's more just for laughs, or something non-controversial, I'll just let the comments flow as they will!

I kinda play it by ear. I love when other bloggers respond to my comments, though! so fun :)

If you mainly respond to questions and whatnot, you're fine!! There's no set etiquette, as far as I know.

Loved Magpie's story about getting punched by a guy with blonde highlights!

JerseySjov said...

when i update my blog i go back and reply to the comments on the previous one. that way if/when people come back to read the new entry they can see my response to their comment.

on other peoples' blogs, i like to read the other comments, so i usually come back at least once before a new entry is up to see what other folks have to say.

Magpie said...

You are way, WAY too nice to me! :D I love it! Thank you!

About the comments - I was being a bit sporadic there trying to reply to every single one in one mega-long comment, but now I've discovered that wordpress lets me reply to each comment individually (I'm a bit slow) so I think that's what I'm going to do from now on - it's just easier!

Ang said...

Thanks everyone... I still don't know what I'm going to do. Probably just stick with the randomness that is me currently.

Kristi said...

I respond when a response is warranted or just to make a connection.... which is probably at least half of my comments!
If I ask a question or respond to a blog post of someone else, I usually do expect an answer within a few days (not everyone can immediately respond to every e-mail!)


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