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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PSH 4 - Check!

So I finished, as some of you already know.  Those who don't, check it out here.  Leave a comment, because I'm a comment whore when it comes to these things, they make me feel so good - not to mention give me motivation to keep going!

What happens next?
When Nicole hosts the Photo Scavenger Hunts, you vote for an overall favorite.
When Kristi hosts, she takes all the entries and goes through them herself, picks a top group of favorite photos for each category, and posts individual blogs with voting per category.  At the end of all those postings, she posts one big blog linking to all the separate categories with her favorites, so you have one central place to go and you can vote from there.  At least that's how it worked last time... I assume the same or similar for this time.
Keep an eye out for that, I will be linking to it from my blog.

I would like to encourage you to look through a few of the entires in full, because some are so neat!  You can find the list of participants here.

Also, when it comes time to vote... don't vote for me because you know me, vote for your favorite in each category.. (which will probably be mine anyhow, jk [kinda]).

I enjoyed this one... it was definitely a challenge!  Not sure if I'm going to search out a July Hunt or not... stay tuned, I'll let you know if I find one and enter it.

Something I haven't done before with my PSH's is talk about them afterwards -
Some of my favorite shots of my own:

#2 Macro Shot - I absolutely love this photo.  I received flowers in the month of June and this flower was in the beginning stages of opening... I hadn't played with macro before but loved the look of the flower.  I played and came up with that shot.  I think it's just beautiful, very proud of that one!

#6 Sunset - I hit up several sunsets to try and get a shot that struck me... some were good, some bad, sometimes the clouds didn't cooperate, amongst many other variables.  I was down at Porky's one night during a huge car show in the cities, and was waiting for the sun to go down... all of the sudden - bright orange sun with a kid standing in my way, I kind of wanted to kick him out of my view, until I realized that he may add something very special to it.  I got low, and snapped away... it didn't look the greatest on the camera (I wasn't prepared to lay on the ground to get the shot), but kept it anyways.  On screen it caught me... turned out to be a great photo.

#10 A Garden - I love those flowers in my yard.  This was one of the last shots I posted, my yard is full of gardens, so I had several I was sitting on waiting to make a decision - I took this one just days before the end of the month.  I love the DOF (depth of field) on it - it just makes me smile.

#11 A Park - I went to a huge park made of wood, hoping for either "A Park" or "Something made of Wood" shots... I ended up climbing all over the park taking pictures of park related things.  The monkey bars seemed so obvious to me as a photograph... I played with focus quite a bit looking for the perfect focal length.  I like how this turned out, rather than a picture of a whole park!

#12 Street Scene - night shots are my favorite, I love lights and color, both things make great photography subjects.  Generally a tripod is a must, which I hate using.  I wanted to toy with the manual features of my camera, so I thought Porky's during th car show would be busy, colorful, lit up, and a great 'street scene'... You have no idea how many pictures I took; adjusting shutter speeds, angles, etc.  I'm really please with the way this one turned out.

#16 Earth- Simple Photoshop filter, applied twice.  I thought taking a landscape type photo with sky, land,  and water would make a great 'Earth' with the filter applied.  I went through all my Gooseberry Falls photos and found this one and knew I had a great shot to work with.  I applied the filter and voila - you have Earth.  I don't  post process my images much.. so this was a treat for me.

#18 Fire - camping in the beginning of the month lead to MANY fire shots... this one was taken at the PERFECT time as my buddy Jeff was dropping a log into the fire.  Money!

#19 Water - I'm obsessed with getting a perfect shot of flowing water, night time allows for  the best time because you can leave your shutter open for longer, without absorbing all the sunlight.  I was lucky to find back lighting on this dam to assist in showing the water flow.  I just love it.

#24 Railroad Related - I like this shot because it really shows the end of the track... kind of a neat perspective, imo.

#25 Something Round - I think I'd be disowned if I didn't at least mention this shot ;)  I really like the DOF on this one too... I did some post processing on this one, and for someone who doesn't know much about Photoshop, I think it turned out pretty well.  To the naked unprofessional eye, you can't tell what's done.  Plus, I went above and beyond and found FOUR round things :)  Check out a few more photos of the car... I really dig the middle photo.

Thats about it people.  Hope you have enjoyed my photos :)


Dana Leigh said...

I really love your pictures and look forward to your pics when you do a photo hunt. The sunset picture is fantastic and I could tell it was University Avenue right when I saw it. And your water photo is great too. That's the one thing I miss with just having a point and shoot. I want to be able to take pictures like that too...someday!

Dana Leigh said...

P.S.-How do you discover other photo hunts that are being hosted?

Kristi said...

Those are my favorite shots of yours too :)


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