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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Good News To Me

I'd imagine those who know me to expect a blog about yesterday's news... (Favre NOT joining the Vikings) - so I don't want to disappoint.
When I first heard the news I had a huge smile on my face.  I was ready, actually I had given in and gone back on my word about not watching a second of Vikings Football if he came here.  I decided, with the help of Bob (my co-worker) that it was okay to watch, because we are Vikings Fans First, Favre haters second.  We could still cheer when the team scored but we could also cheer when Favre got sacked (we all know how often that happens), and most importantly we don't have to like it or like him.  Now I can watch without hate, which will be a nice feeling; going into Vikings season full of hate can make for a long season of football.

So, my day is made, period.
I laugh at the poor saps who already have their Purple #4 Favre jerseys!  I feel even worse for the poor asshole who told me "the only thing you can do better than Favre is take a dick" - No joke, I hope that ass is at home crying right now (I honestly wish a lot worse for him, but I'll leave it at that for blogging purposes)!

Then there are serious follow-up questions like Who do we put at QB then? and Does this bring up the issue of a Vikings move to LA if we can't sell out games? All questions are valid; I don't have the answers, no one does, for sure.

On the QB Topic - TJack's agent says he is "eager to show the Vikings, and their fans, that they had the right man for the job all along." (Star Tribune)  I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, just like I have in the past, until he prove himself unworthy.  The kid has talent, if he can get his mind to work with his body... we may see some promise. This assumes TJack wins the position over Sage Rosenfels (who is no guarantee one way or another either) - Maybe we should pursue Vick?

So you have to figure if we fall short at QB, then the fans (because so many people in this state are fair-weather fans) won't buy tickets - which means we won't sell out games - which means there is more a threat of our team moving out of state.
While I don't personally believe that threat is strong (especially at this moment as the season hasn't even started yet), it is a very real concern for a lot of people.  We are in serious need of a new stadium and no real promise of one being built.... but ample opportunity to have one built for "The Los Angeles Vikings".  It's a scary thought either way... my gut tells me we'll find a way to have something built here.
If you take the Vikings out of Minnesota you take away a football team for many surrounding states (WI, IL, and MI fans will stay loyal to their teams) like the Dakotas and Iowa.  Not that everyone around MN cheers for us, but it certainly takes away the option.
The loudest fans in the NFL can't be left without a team to cheer for... hopefully someone will realize that.

I don't want to believe it all about money, but I'm not stupid - I know we will move if the price is right, for all involved.  Currently the Vikings are trying to sell naming rights to the field, not the stadium as a whole.  I can't imagine this will prove successful if the move is on everyone minds - why would a local company sign up for naming rights if the team is going to be ripped out of the state?  Any company, local or national, may sign up for naming rights, but what happens if we do get a new stadium; there would have to be a lot of bases covered in any sort of a deal.

So here you have it folks, I don't claim to be knowledgeable in the politics of football and new stadiums, or even positions for that matter - what I do claim to be is a Vikings fan, and an optimistic one at that.  Favre is not coming here, to me that is great news.  The stadium thing will work itself out, hopefully for the benefit of Minnesota... but if not, what power do any of us have to change it?

GO VIKINGS - heres to a wonderfully successful 09-10 season!!

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