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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family ritual: Long Good-byes

Plinky Prompt: What are/were your family rituals?

List the strange habits of your people.

Long Good-byes
I'm only going to list one thing, because there is one thing that we constantly talk about... our long good-byes.

My dad's side of the family... we roll at least 26 deep at any given family function; sometimes more, if you throw in any flavors of the week one of my cousins might be trying. The odd thing about our family is the fact that we actually like each other, we look forward to gatherings and we really do get along!

Our days begin with lots of snacks: crackers and cheese balls, cocktail shrimp, really anything munch worthy. Our day moves along with lots of laughing, lots of wine, beer, or cocktail of your choice, and lots of good conversation.

We think of pretty much any excuse to plan a function together - not just your general holidays. On average I would say we start our days 'anytime after 1pm' and most of the time we end up with stragglers up until 7pm or so.... solid amount of time spent with one another!

Seven o'clock comes quick once you figure in arrivals/greetings, time to snack, and time to eat the actual meal we are there for... we have to start saying our goodbyes pretty much right after dinner! If there are 25 other people we have to say goodbye to... my goodness - that can take all night!

We're all talkers, so it's not just a quick hug goodbye... it's a hug, a kiss, a 'it was so good to see you and I love you', amongst many other things. We'll make our way around the room saying goodbye, but end up at the back of the group and find ourselves saying goodbye to some of the same people a few times on the way back out!

We all joke about the '(insert last name here) Goodbye' and how we are so silly because of it.

I love my family to death and our long goodbyes are one of the things I most look forward to each time we are together, not because I want to leave, but because they are so fun!

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Shannon said...

i love our long goodbyes :)


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