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Friday, May 1, 2009

Voting is open!

Ok - so if you've been paying any attention to me ;) you'll know that I've been participating in a photo scavenger hunt in the month of April... it's over and the voting has begun.
Click here to see my completed PSH - if you've already spent some time looking at mine and you know you want to vote for me, then...
Click on this badge to go to Kristi's blog to vote:
I do suggest taking some time and looking at the other entries, just to see what other people came up with.   And really.... if you don't think mine are the best then PLEASE vote for the person you think does... by no means do I want your vote f you don't feel I deserve it!!!  I understand the hustle and bustle of life and I just ask you take the 30 seconds to at least cast a vote for me - voting is only open until the 7th... so there isn't time to say "Oh, I'll get to it in a few days" - it literally takes 30 seconds to vote.  
Thank you in advance!

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