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Monday, May 18, 2009

New York Semi-Recap

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've just sat down to write.  These scavenger hunts are taking over my blogging life... seems I'm either out taking picture or adding them to my blog.  Lucky for you [or is it] I forgot my camera cord at home today, so no picture uploads are happening anywhere!  On the topic, I managed to get some good shots in New York this weekend [I think I got: A Fish, A Religious Building, A Foreign Flag, maybe Something Goofy, I have a few shots of Manhole Covers which may replace the one posted, and I have the Souvenir but still have to stage a shoot of it] - so that knocks a few out.  Today is the 18th... I leave for Missouri on the 21st, I feel like I may not complete this PSH - but I'll have a week back home to get anything I'm missing.

I'm so tired this morning.  I didn't get off my plane last night until about 10:30p and obviously home later than that.
As silly as it is to say, one of the highlights of my trip happened at Yankee Stadium.  Obviously not a fan of the many Twins losses while I was there, I was able to experience 2 different sides of Yankees Fans.  The left field on Friday night and the Right Field on Sunday.  Right Field is like nothing I've ever seen before.  First you have a group of Yankees fans donning their "Bleacher Creatures" T-shirts proudly, then you have the entire section stand before the first pitch and clap until it's thrown...  After the first pitch is thrown you have the entire section stand and chant each players name until the player gives a nod or pay some sort of attention to the section {aka Roll Call}, starting with the center fielder Melky Cabrera (think the tune of "Let's go Yan-kees") So it starts... "Let's Go Mel-ky [clap, clap, clap clap clap]" over and over until he give his gesture.  Next in line is left fielder Johnny Damon, same tune "John-ny Dam-on [clap, clap, clap clap clap]" until Johnny gets down on one knee and shoots over a double fisted shooting gun action.  Right fielder Nick Swisher is next in line, mind you the fans do this in the same order every home game, "Nick-y Swish-er [clap, clap, clap clap clap]" at the break in game action Nick takes his glove off, turns to the section stands at attention and gives his best salute.  The fans then move onto the infielders, starting with 1st baseman [whoever he is]... I'm pretty sure he showed off his longest finger on his right hand... hard to tell for sure.  The other infielders were actually quite lame with their responses... which proves they are largely over-paid egotistical assholes {Jeter and A-Rod, specifically}.
As learned in left-field.. if you sit in the stands and wear a Boston Red Sox hat... not only do you get heckled almost the entire game, but it's common practice for fans to stand, point and you and yell... "Asshole, Asshole, Asshole", over and over again.
All tradition of Yankee Stadium, and I found many articles this morning about it... it was one of the neatest things I've ever been a part of.  Too bad it was at NYY.
Aside from the lame games... ugh... I had a great time at the stadium, with the exception of my friend getting punched in the face after the Twins lost and we tried to sneak out unharmed (ugh, whole 'nother story)... Twins held in there but couldn't quite pull it off.  We have game 4 tonight and I hope we can walk away with at least one win in this series.  Those damn Yankees just seem to ride on streaks... once the first bat makes decent contact... the rest keep the trend up.
I was too scared to take my nice camera in [being a Twins fan and all], so hopefully I ended up with a few decent shots on my point and shoot that I can show off somewhere.

Overall the trip was good - We were able to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge again (always exciting), the weather was almost perfect (no rain that mattered, not too hot, not too cold), and we were able to see some new spots in New York.  I, hopefully, have some great pictures to share (and maybe frame), but I'm really happy to be home.  Getting away is nice, but like Dorothy says... "There's No Place Like Home".  My cute little kitty missed the crap outta me too.. I shoulda named him Toto :)

Happy Monday everyone.


~Terri~ said...

Sounds like you had a great time in NY. Looking forward to seeing the pic's.

Love and miss you!

Kristi said...

Glad you had a good time, can't wait to see the pics :)
I did not even look at Nicole's list for this scavenger hunt because I just have too much going on right now, plus I have to get the next one ready that I am hosting on June 1st :)

Dana Leigh said...

Welcome back! I'm excited to see your pics.

Dawn said...

You made me a little homesick :-)

Renee said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip.... except for the punched in the face part for your friend. Looking forward to seeing some pics lady.


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