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Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear Vikings, Don't Be Stupid!

(some links in case you have no clue whats going on.)
I'm distraught!
As a LOYAL Vikings fan, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for news since Brett Favre announced his retirement, again.  I told myself that there was no way... no way he'd come out of retirement, again, and that there was no way I'd hear talk about the Vikings signing him, again... I can't do this for a second year in a row.  He became so hated after he 'retired' last year then decided he wanted to play again... now he is "at this time retired", again and there are rumors all over about him playing another year - with the Vikings... maybe.  So he'll be even more hated and this time he'll be hated while he's a Viking?!  No one is talking though... how the hell do we always end up in these shitty situations?

A horrible coach, a kid who has failed at QB (Jackson), talk of moving to LA (whether you think it will happen or not), the inability to get a new stadium, constant headline making activities by players... and now talk again of Favre.

I want attention as much as the next person, actually probably more, but I don't do stupid shit like this to get it!  He's had his moment; he was great, [to some] he was a God, he had an arm like no other... is it really worth destroying, whatever is left of, a reputation just to throw it in Green Bay's face?  Can people still follow him after this shit... 2 years in a row?  I hate the Packers too, that's what Vikings fans do... but I'd gladly back The Pack if Brett is a Viking.

I said it last year and I'm saying it again this year... if Brett Favre ends up wearing my Purple and Gold, I'm done.  It'll be hard to become a Vikings fan [ever] again if they make this stupid decision...  I don't want a super bowl win if he is the one at QB - He's washed up, half injured [aka old], a self-righteous asshole that no one cares about anymore... and if you do, screw you!

I really can't take this... day in and day out... all anyone is talking about.  UGH.  I'd rather hear about the pig flu or the horrible state of our sinking economy!

Extra note: If Brett Favre does, in fact, play football again... does this mean one more season of John Madden announcing?


Michael said...

I frequent a Vikes blog that shares your view on Favregeddon.

I, on the other hand know that the weakest link on the Vikes team is at QB.

If they want to improve the position, and even an interception king like favre would improve how weak it actually is, then I am all for it.

However, if we already had a decent QB on our team, my thoughts would be as yours.
Fxck fxvre.

Check out the Daily Norsman, it is one of the greatest Viking blogs out there:

Ang said...

Thanks Michael ... I agree that our weakest link is at QB.. However - I've spent my entire life hating Favre. When I first really got into football back in the 90's, he was playing for the Packers - as our biggest rival, I learned quickly to hate him and the team... it's the only thing I've ever known.
If it were last year I may have come around and at least watched... but now I just think he's a douche bag. To retire once is one thing... everyone has the right to change their mind (even though, at that point, I'm not quite sure why you wouldn't want your number retired with the team you played for and loved for so long... that you brought to great victory)... whatever. Now to come back again, it's hard for me to believe that he's not coming just to stick it to the Packers for everything that went down last off-season... but if in fact he actually wants to play for us, then fine - but I just can't support someone who intentionally creates this controversy.
I hate Chilly already so if he signs Favre I won't be surprised... I'll come back around once Chilly is gone.

Anyhow - Thanks for the comment. Hopefully everything will work out, but I'm lacking big time in the optimism department on this one.

Ang said...

On top of it all... he could have gone down in history as one of the greatest football players ever... if he had retired as a Packer - now he's gonna go down as a tool.

Dana Leigh said...

Your opinions are definitely valid but that doesn't mean you have to back the Pack if he does become a Viking. That's the worst thing to do! We need all the purple people we can get! :)

Renee said...

I wish you would let down your barriers and just tell us how you really feel.. I will make the kids leave the room first. ;)


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