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Thursday, May 28, 2009

TFT: Response Time

I had a HR meeting this morning to go to, in place of Jayne because she is out on vacation, and just before I left I got to thinking about how I'm going to be away from my computer for an hour... which lead me to thoughts about  replying to emails and such.  My thoughts kind of exploded from there and it made me wonder what peoples expectations are in response time; for email, text, phone calls, etc.

So this TFT is more just out of curiosity... I don't even know what I expect!

So, Thoughts For Thursday:
You send someone an email; how long before you expect a reply?
You text someone; do you automatically expect a person to reply right away because most people have their phones near them a lot of the time?
You leave a voice mail and ask for a call back; how long before you call them again because you haven't heard from them?

I'm sure there are different expectations for each form of communication; what are yours?


Renee said...

I would say I more "hope" than expect. Seems people these days are very lazy about properly responding. (I myself fall into this category way to often.) Texts I will say is my biggest frustration.... I understand if they are driving or in a meeting or whatever, but most usually we all have our phones on us at all times... it only takes a second to reply... ugh.

Kristi said...

I just expect people to respond when they get around to it because I know how busy I am and how rare it is for me to respond immediately. Same thing with phone calls.

Dawn said...

OK....texts, pretty quickly. Like Renee said, it's usually right there with you. How long does it take to answer even with "hang on"?

Emails, I tend to hope for a few between a few hours and certainly by the end of the day, unless I happen to KNOW that the person is away from their mail (like sending a personal email, knowing that person is at work). In that case, I hope for it by the following morning.

I hardly EVER leave a voice mail, but when I do, it's for business and I expect a return phone call by the end of business that day. If I've left you a personal voice mail, it's usually an indicator that I want you to hear the urgency in my voice, so you better call me back pretty durn quickly.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on who it is. If its something that can wait..then Ill respond. If its something that I think is a priority...then Ill reply. Ill be honest alot of times, Ill read a text and then say to myself..Ill respond to that later..but then forget!

Dana Leigh said...

I guess it depends on what the content of the email/text/VM is. I don't expect people to email me back right away because I don't usually email right away either because I can't always get to it timely. I guess I would expect a little quicker response from text and I do text people back right away if it appears to be more than just a hey, how's it going? I'm not a big texter. VM's I tend to return within the same day or next day.


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