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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Like Love

Since Plinky is having problems publishing to my blog and I worked just so dang hard at this answer... I'm just going to copy and paste [turns out that works just as well :)]

Plinky Prompt: "Let's settle this: Is it better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all?" 

There is so much to learn from love. The act of loving is something every person needs to experience once in their life. Sure it hurts to lose someone, sure it pulls at your heartstrings when a relationship ends; no one wants to hurt. 

Being loved is a wonderful feeling and being able to love someone back makes it all the more amazing - it's like a high you never want to come down from. 

I think loving someone takes guts - for me, it's easy but I love with my eyes open. I let all 5 senses guide me - with a mix of women's intuition and logic. Sounds silly to equate love with the 5 senses but think about it; Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste and Sound. When you're "in love" your senses are completely amplified. To touch someone you love feels better, to see someone you love brings a huge smile to your face, the smell, albeit not always good, makes you want to wrap your arms around them and never let go, pressing your lips together and tasting each other is a special thing that you don't share with just anyone [or maybe you do...], and lastly there is sound... to be able to hear the person you love, laugh with them, share with them.. sound is probably not the most amplified of all the senses but isn't it nice to hear the person you love? 
All that being said you have to be logical while still doing what feels right and good - many people can be blinded by love, in turn causing more hurt than what is necessary. 

It's exciting to want to share daily happenings with someone else, to be able to be stupid and appreciated all at the same time, to just want to be around someone else.. that's huge! 

Even so, taking the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' thing out of it - think about your parents or a friend you love. Could you imagine having never loved that person? Could you imagine what your life would be like without having the loving experiences with that person? 

I love with my whole heart because love is nothing without heart. 
When that love comes to an end it can be the most painful thing you've ever experienced, but look at what you've learned and how much you've grown in the process. Time heals all - that statement is especially true in love. 

There is no way I would ever want to go through life not having loved... I can't imagine how empty I would feel if I hadn't.


Lynne said...


Lynne said...

yay! I can finally comment again.

Denise said...

SO SO TRUE!!! Every single sentence. I am the same way.. I give everything when I love someone. And looking back on people who I have fallen in love with and am not now for whatever reason I truly am happy that they were a part of my life at one moment. They are parts of what make me... me.

Great Post.


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