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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt 3

Man oh man... what fun!  Time for PSH3 - visit Nicloe's blog to vote.

View all the entries and VOTE HERE!!! 

Here is the list:

1) a souvenir - Cup from Yankee Stadium, ticket to the game, Subway Card and Hotel Key
2) a fish
3) a religious building - St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, NY
4) a fire department - Ghostbusters Fire House, New York City
5) a manhole cover - Brooklyn, NY
6) a postcard - Pacific Cafe; San Francisco, CA
7) water - Coon Rapids, MN
8) a communication device - Braille Typewriter
9) a Life event - Pre-School Graduation; Walnut Grove, MO
10) a foreign stamp - Claddagh (an Irish "stamp")
11) a tree
12) the living space of a non-human - The Silk Tent of The Tent Caterpillar
13) a street mirror - (LOL)
14) a decoration fixed on a house - Weather vane
15) a foreign flag - United Nations, NYC
16) a fire - Lighting a Match
17) an antenna
18) a phone booth
19) a “verboten”[forbidden] sign
20) a beach - Long Lake; New Brighton, MN
21) a cityscape - St. Anthony Falls; Minneapolis, MN
22) something goofy - Lion's Head Drinking Fountain @ a Park; Coon Rapids, MN
23) something carved - Bear @ Bass Pro Shop; Springfield, MO
24) an eye - Two-Toned
25) something rural - One Room School House; Willard, MO


Dana Leigh said...

Good luck with the hunt. It looks like a challenging one!

NicoleB said...

Smart move ;)
That's how I always do it as well :)
Have changed your link into a direct link (which makes it much easier for me in the end to, grin)

Kristi said...

I think I am in too

Dana Leigh said...

#8 is fantastic!

Dawn said...

Who's the dude in #13????????

Ang said...

LOL Dawn, that's my friend Steve... he was either dancing or trying to escape the picture... had to use it :)

Steve said...

LOL, I was trying to back away and out of the picture..

Denise said...

good job SO FAR! I aleays feel bad when I see your pics that I didn't sign up. although I am doing Kristi's next one for sure.

NicoleB said...

1 1/2 more days to find a postcard ;)

Bengbeng said...

well done. very well done indeed

mythopolis said...

lots of cool shots!....the two-tone eye was quite unusual! braille typewriter was interesting, and I always like seeing snaps of New York! Thanks!

Melli said...

GHOST BUSTERS!!! Yea! Love it! Your goofy is adorable! And your communication device is very unique! Great job!

sakaigirl said...

i like the silk tent best^^ great shots!

Ballerina Girl said...

Great shots! The silk tent and tree are beautiful...and the braille typewritter is so cool...I actually have never seen one before.


Lovi said...

More awesome pictures! My favorite is the fish -- nice!

Mojo said...

The typewriter was brilliant! And I love how you worked the manhole cover (that was a tough one!). But whose eye is that? Looks like somebody got a bit sunburnt!

I was right on the verge of pushing the "foreign stamp" to the abstract like you did, then found one at the last minute.

But of all of them I think I like your Fire shot the best. Took some really good timing to get that one (and probably more than a few matches too!).

Kelly said...

Very nice photos! :)

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Wow, you get about! I'm very impressed that your fire house is the Ghostbuster one. Really interesting to see a Braille typewriter - have never seen one before. As for the eye, one of mine is like that too. I never knew what it was called until now - your photo prompted me to look it up - it's called 'partial heterochromia'! See, this photo scavenger hunt is educational for us all in so many ways :)

Boo said...

I love your eye shot. I have two toned eyes like that too. Though mine don't have that large chunk, just small splashes through out! Well done, I like the fire house too. Very cool!!


Faith said...

wow i couldn't pick a favorite! great shots! the firehouse was great and the typewriter was so unique.

Jayne said...

Ang - finally got some time to look ... wow! your pics, your ideas, your talent improves with each hunt! I love the fish - the manhole cover 'layout' was great! - fun take on the 'foreign stamp' - the tree is wonderful - I love the silk tent - the street mirror was fun (plus, I think I now know who you went to NYC with!) - and I loved the fire pic. As a non-photographer, I don't know how hard or easy it is to get the images but I LOVE your creativity in framing and subjects! Looking forward to the next. Keep it up - it is GOOD!!!!


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