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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Talent-less Ms. Perry

I hate Katy Perry.  I make no secret of this.  I think she is talent-less and annoying.

This morning I find out that she tied Michael Jackson's record for most #1 singles on the same record, at 5.  Not only does she hold the title of the first woman to do it, but she is now the only living artist to have that title. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!
We have seen some fantastically talented women vocalist in the past 10-20 years.  How is she the first, and only living to make this happen?!

At first, I'd listen to her songs and get them stuck in my head (and I'd probably dance along to them in my car)... but then it got to the point where I'm all wtf is this song, this is so stupid! and I now turn the radio off when she comes on.

Can someone help me understand this?!  I'd rather listen to Brit-Brit lip-sync or some awful rapper using auto-tune.

ugh.  that is all.


Anonymous said...


I've actually heard a lot of people find her annoying. Not sure how she's so famous since I don't know anyone who really likes her.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

While I do sometimes like to sing some of her songs (what, they're catchy) I think this is insanely wrong and makes absolutely no sense.

JerseySjov said...

she has so many singles on her cds bc every song is written and performed with the intent of releasing it as a single. she doesn't care about making GOOD music, she makes POPULAR music. as we all know, the two are rarely the same ;)

somehow i doubt people will love "firework" and "alien" 20 years from now the way that MJ's songs have lasted through generations

Smart Ass Sara said...

I'll tell you- I'd rather listen to her than Lady Gaga. How SHE is popular I'll never understand with her blatant ripoff style.

What IS funny is hearing Olivia sing to "Last Friday Night" and then ask me why our Friday's aren't that fun. I told when she goes to college they will be that fun. :)

Ang said...

JS - You're completely right. However, it doesn't change the way I feel :(

Sara - I'd way rather listen to Gaga. At least she sings songs that make sense and have direction.


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