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Friday, August 12, 2011

Random v11.5

So I have a few little bitty updates to throw at you, easier to do it this way than in many posts.

First though, if you haven't told me your favorite fair food, go HERE and do it now, because this bitch needs to try some new deep fried food/food on a stick!

Ok then, let's get this show on the road:
First, during the month of June my regular route home was detoured.  Now, I'm not big on following detours if I know a better way (the detours always slow me WAY down because of other people not knowing how to drive, obviously).  So on one of my many different routes home I found a red barn.  I've always had a small love of pictures of red barns, but had never taken my own... So I brought my camera to it one day, here is a small sampling of some tweaks I did to the barn:

Then came the 4th of July; on July 2nd, Steve and I went up to my dad's house to go watch fireworks on the boat - no pictures of fireworks, but a cute picture of my man and I:
and a cute one of the niece, who came with us to watch fireworks for the first time in her life - and she LOVED every minute of it!
concentrated pose, hence the tongue
And then my niece turned 4... yep - I've been an auntie for 4 years!  Seems like just yesterday she was born!

Yep - auntie (that's me) got her jumbo freeze pops... a complete win!

Can't forget Cayden, she's about a year and a half now!

sitting in big sisters chair!
I managed to get this shot of my niece, who was sitting in her new camping chair and being her usual silly self... and I just adore it - I think it's cute!


gringationcancun said...

Love that barn :)

Your nieces are too stinkin cute!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

That last picture of your niece is DARLING! She's a little cutie.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Yay for kid birthday parties! And dude- even *I* want jumbo freeze pops!!

Kristi said...

Little red barns and nieces are the best! lol

JerseySjov said...

jumbo freezy pops?? where did you even find that?

also love the barn photos... the 2nd one from the bottom is my fave; looks like an old postcard

Ang said...

I found them at a bakery outlet store here in MN.

Kristin said...

Your niece is an absolute doll!

Dana said...

I love the barn photos! And the last picture of Jordan looks like a mini Taylor Swift! It's supposed to be a compliment..(if you don't like her. :))


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