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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fair Food

Ok people, the MN State Fair is RAPIDLY approaching - as a family we went every year, now that I'm my own person and I have this wonderful boyfriend by my side, we've got to come up with our own traditions.

Still undecided if we are going this year, I thought that I'd post this now, in the chance that we do.

Everyone has their favorite, absolute MUSTS when it comes to fair food - I want to try new things that sound good and taste good, so I come to all of you:
What are the things you absolutely MUST eat at a fair?  I'm hoping to branch out if we do go this year.

Ready?  GO!


Krystal said...

Everything fried is an amazingly delicious treat. One year, they had bacon with melted chocolate. You dipped the bacon in the chocolate and it was surprisingly good

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

It has been AGES since I went to the Fair (we're more into Ren Fest). But just the idea of all the yummy food makes my stomach growl.

devilishdelish said...

my musts at the fair at big fat bacon (1/4 lb. of maple-glazed bacon, dusted with a seven-spice blend and served on a stick.), chocolate covered bacon from famous daves, wine ice cream from mn wine country in the ag building, Korean Moon BBQ Chicken Tacos from the blue moon dine in theatre, and vegie fries. if you need more ideas, let me know. i am the state fair food queen.

KimBerly said...

I love love love the fair. I must haves.

Deep Fried Pickles
Pickle Dog
cheese on a Stick

JerseySjov said...

corndogs. that is all.

Kristin said...

I can't leave a fair without a funnel cake!

Dana said...

I love the corn on the cob and my new favorite from last year is the fish tacos. It's in the food building (that's the best I can tell you) but I can't wait to get it again this year.


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