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Monday, August 23, 2010

Random v10.12

Isn't it awful to say that someone else's happiness causes my heart pain?  I shouldn't be this way or even care... but it's who I am.  Only time can make these feelings go away and I'm not going anywhere... so time I have.

I'm ready to play fantasy football, I have been for 3 years.  Last year, being next to Steve and his computer all season really solidified that for me; I know how it works, I know what to do, I know who to pick.  Problem being... I don't know how to join a league without having it be strangers.  I don't want to play with strangers.  lame.  I feel left out.

I hate that we've had a link posted for my reunion for just shy of a week and only 2 of the planners have purchased; myself and another.  WTF is wrong with people?  We have 53 'Yes' RSVP's on Facebook... you save $8 by buying in advance, you can pay online OR by check.. whatever is convenient for YOU.
One girl sent me a message on Facebook this weekend asking if she'll be able to view the guestlist... I'm pretty sure she is going to come to the reunion trying to solicit something... I recall her finding me on Facebook and telling me about her 'business' and wanting me to be a part of it.  That outta be fun.  NOT.

Toying with the idea of Skydiving in Hawaii, though we probably won't do it as it's on a different island from where we'll be staying.  The flight over for a day would only add tot he price of the actual jump.  I think that would be amazing.

I've had to hear a story {3 times} today about a guy who cut his foot off with a lawnmower.  That shit grosses me out and I don't need to hear it once!  I want an office with walls.

Going to Rushmore/Crazy Horse/Devil's Tower on Friday... I'm excited to go, not excited for the drive there and back.

Mac and Cheese for lunch today.  I wish I had hot dogs.

Am I crabby today?  It appears as though I'm successfully making my way there.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ugh... I had a girl from my HS try to solicit me. At first she was all, "Hey I remember you! You had that great laugh!" Um... k? Next thing I knew she was asking me if I wanted to join her "business." Lame. At least solicit people that actually REMEMBER you from HS.

Skydiving would probably be AMAZING but I'm not sure I'd have the balls for it! I'm petrified of heights. But for real, imagine that experience. So jealous you're going to Hawaii, that's going to be awesome.

gringationcancun said...

No clue how to play Fantasy anything haha.

Skydiving in Hawaii? Hell yeah!!

Dude, please don't give me any more details on the lawnmower :S

Harley said...

Poor you - those stupid Mondays! They'll get ya!!

Do the skydiving - I really want to try that but at the same time I know I would piss myself. Seriously, THE HELL kind of a good idea is it to fling yourself out of a plane?! And yet, I still want to do it...


Amy said...

Sounds sucky about the chick potentially wanting to solicit things. My first thought was maybe she'll decide if she's going or not based on who's coming vs being in it for the business aspect??? I dont think I'd go to a HS reunion if I didn't have anyone to hang out with there. :-/

I worked at a bank for a few months as a teller and a coworker used to tell the same story over and over again to all her regular customers. By the end of my small 4 hour shift, I could usually tell the story better than she could. :) It's like they have that one story for the whole day. lol.

Renee Textor said...

I so miss you and your randomness!

Kristi said...

If it make you feel any better we have had a really shitty week over here too. Hopefully things look up soon!


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