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Monday, August 16, 2010

Random v.10.11

  1. I pretty much LOVE the song "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Bublé.  I pretty much love his voice.  Do any of you have his CD?  Is it as amazing as this song?  
  2. Have I told you guys that Steve and I are taking a road trip to the Black Hills/Badlands in just over a week?!  We are driving to Devil's Tower first, then going to The Badlands to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  So... we have some extra time there, if you've been and know of a absolute MUST SEE while in the area, please share that info with me now.  I drove through once several years back and stopped to see Rushmore, but didn't do anything else in the area... we'll be there on a long weekend.
  3. I dog-sat for my brother this weekend... they have a 'pet' spider... it's a random spider that comes at night and starts building a web outside of their sliding glass door.  It's an Orb-weaver (which just means it builds the common round web to catch prey).  So my SIL told me about it and said, don't be scared when you see her.. blah blah.  So she came on Friday night and started to build her web and Steve and I watched the entire thing happen, it was pretty cool.  I made sure to turn on the outside light, so that the bugs would come and get caught in her web.. and they sure did!  It was awesome watching her run over and wrap the bugs as they came, then drag them back to the center of the web and feast on them.  Pictures will be at the end of the random numbers to give Dana enough notice to not scroll too far down.  It's not easy taking pictures through a sliding glass door.  We were lucky enough to be able to watch her both Friday and Saturday night.
  4. I'm excited for this MN/WI bloggy meetup this weekend.  I like meeting people in person that I've grown to know online.  It'll be my ... like 5th or 6th time doing this.  This time it's a group of girls who blog... which is crazy to me, because I never thought I'd be a blogger... and not all of us read each others blogs and not all of us have things in common... I usually hate girls, but I know I like at least 3 of these girls based on their blogs.  I think it'll be fun to have some girl time... with dope girls and not lame girls!
  5. That sounds so stupid.  I have lots of girl friends, some I like more than others ;)
  6. The reunion is getting planned!  I took it upon myself to message a group of people on facebook and we are meeting tonight to make some decisions!  The one I spoke of in my last post won't be there (at least she hasn't said she will be).. but there will be enough to get the ball rolling and hopefully get a menu planned with ticket info to pass along!  I'm happy about this.
  7. I had other things to say but forgot... so scroll for pictures of "Charlotte" the spider and her web, except for you Dana.

{click to enlarge}


Lovi said...

The spider picks are seriously wicked. That kind of stuff completely freaks me out, but I think I'd totally watch too if it was outside and I was safely INSIDE.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh that had to be so interesting to sit and watch her make her little web and then catch her meal. And those pics are AWESOME.

I am SO excited for Sunday. Like, excited to the point where I'm picking out outfits, lol. I think it's going to be a really good time AND so far it looks like the weather is going to be in our favor.

And I'm so happy the reunion sounds like it's full steam ahead, that's a good thing!

gringationcancun said...

AWESOME spider pics! I think it's cool that instead of freakin out, everyone just let's her do her thing.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Damn it- if KRYSTEN is picking outfits I have to step up my game. Ugh. Which obviously means shopping. Too much pressure yo. But yes- Sunday is going to be fabulous.

As long as you don't bring a spider because then I'll freak out.

Harley said...

Oh wow! Spiders are so amazing! On a related note: Did anybody else cry at the end of Charlotte's Web?


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