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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday... 8.12.10

Another Thursday... this week I'm gonna try to be a bit more positive.  Play along and link up here!

Outside my window.. it's sunny... and probably real muggy

The time is.. 11:02am
Today I feel.. like a gangster :)
I am thinking.. I could be a rapper
At the moment, I am thankful.. for the blogging community
I am going.. to sweat my ass off at the gym tonight
I am wearing.. capri's with my favorite Minnesota Vikings shirt!
I wish.. football season was longer, or more games were played..
I am reading.. work crap (I don't really read for pleasure) 
I am working on.. getting skinnier ;)
I am hoping.. to be able to tan a little bit tomorrow
I am hearing.. 2Pac in my ear :-D {love Pandora}
I bet you didn't know.. that gangster rap is my absolute favorite thing to listen to.  A sure fire way to make me happy.
One of my favorite.things is my new phone (still).
My weekend plans include.. dog-sitting for my brother, dinner with my mom and her bf, and maybe some tanning (depending on the weather).


Anonymous said...

Ang, I had no idea you were so gangsta! Me too... haha

California love, baby!

Murdock's mama said...

Love that you're feeling 'gangster'! I also LOVE good rap music...something I cannot seem to get over no matter how old I get! Yay for getting skinner & tanner. Always goals of mine [not often executed! :] Thanks so much for linking up...enjoy your weekend!

Murdock's mama said...

Oh my could I forget...GO VIKINGS!!! :)

Harley said...

Now I'm picturing you being a total wigger with the hand gestures and everything. Do you have the requisite side-cap and gold chain?

Ang said...

LOL... I'm no wigger and I don't think my hands fly around too much... but maybe boyfriend would be able to assess that a bit better :)
Also, I do not wear a gold chain and the side cap... however, I can bust a flow like no one you've ever met!

Kell said...

Eeee!!! Football season!! Haha! I'm so excited for football!
I kinda love gangster rap too. And people usually get freaked out when they hear me listening to it, because i'm a little blonde chick.


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