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Monday, October 26, 2009

Random - Vol. 9.15

Sometimes I just want to live a day and know what to expect... but what fun would that be, right?

So this past Friday, my day off, was supposed to be spent relaxing, because afterall it is a day off, right?!  Well last week Steve had news of a death in his family, the wake was set for Friday evening and the funeral was on Saturday.  He and I were RSVP'd to a wedding on Saturday, so he decided to attend the wake Friday night... turns out the wake and funeral were being held 4 hours away.  As his girlfriend I reserve the right to be able to say that I didn't want him driving all that way alone (there and back in ~10 hours, with 8 of it being on the road) - so I imposed and told him I'd be happy to keep him company for the drive.  He agreed to let me come. :)
Well... my Friday started out fine - nothing special, just another day really.  Upon arriving at Steve's apartment around 1:45 in the afternoon I felt like I looked right at the sun... you know, where you have this annoying spot in your vision?  I traced back to the moment I got out of my car and didn't remember looking at any lights and the sun wasn't out so that couldn't be it!  I told Steve "either I looked at a light and don't remember it or I'm about to get a migraine"...

You can guess where the story goes next -
entering a 4 hour drive I try to play it off as no big deal as far as Steve is concerned, he was mourning the death of a loved one, and I knew I'd be fine, eventually.  He knew I wasn't alright and kept asking if I was.  For about the first 30 minutes of the drive I was dealing with blind spots, then the headache set in :(
I felt nauseous and had a pretty dull annoying constant pain in my head and every now and then... just when I wasn't expecting it, there would be a super sharp intense pain shooting through my head.  My own mini-hell.
I'm absolutely 100% convinced that my migraines are menstrual  - the last migraine I got was right at the end of my cycle and this one was almost the same day, this month.  Ironic.  Unfortunately for me, they were back-to-back months.
The fortunate of this story is that the pain of it went away before we arrived at the wake.  So I was able to be a normal person around Steve's family during their time of loss.  I still suffered the 'aftershock' of my migraine the rest of the night and a little bit the next day - just those annoying pains when I'd cough, laugh, bend over, etc.  - in all and in comparison, it was one of the more mild migraines I've had, still doesn't mean it was good though.  Hopefully I won't be posting an update next month...

A few real randoms:
I had a dream about the Subway system in New York (your average dream of robots chasing you down 20 flights of stairs deep underground in the NYC Subway system...) - ever since then I can't stop thinking about New York and how badly I want to go there.  SO much to see... so much I haven't seen in my many trips there.

I'm going to see Saw 6 tomorrow night; I've heard its full of gore... not excited.
I went to Trail of Terror last Thursday; not as bad as last year, but I was pretty freaked out through the maze part of it.  This was my last year going to anything like that.

My car whistles ever since running over a dead deer.

I love my dad and I get to see him tonight!  Steve and I are going up there after work for his special and apparently wonderfully delicious ribs!  I'm so excited I'm bouncing in my seat at work :)

John Mayer's voice is amazing to me.  "Your Body is A Wonderland" could be one of the sexiest songs ever written.  I'm not late discovering it, I'm just now saying it.

Brett Favre and his Vikings found their first loss yesterday - makes me sad, but don't worry - it's not Brett's fault.

I danced my little (or big) butt off at the wedding Saturday, and I'm feeling it today.  I also got extremely drunk at the wedding on Saturday, but I felt that yesterday, so no worries!


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