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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekend of Sports!

I wish I had more pictures to share with you from this past weekend but my camera didn't make it everywhere with me -

I'll start with a quick recap of what the weekend entailed:
Friday - cleaned for my grandma, met with my daddy for lunch and received a case of peaches and a case of Pomegranates, went to my brothers to drop off half of the cases to him (it is possible for me to share) and got to spend some time with my niece who was going to get a 'big girl' bed the following day.  Low key night, watched Hustle & Flow, and made dinner.

Saturday - wake up with huge excitement for the Twins vs. KC game - didn't have tickets, but had every intention of buying some from a scalper.  Steve and I decided to talk to several scalpers and find a good deal before committing to a location or a price.  We are suckers and ended up buying from the first guy we walked by - Sec. 113, Row 25 (which is actually only about 10 rows up as it's a half section) - great price, great seats.  Going into a game against Cy Young contender, Zack Greinke, I had hopes for a win, but they weren't very high hopes.  Going into this game we are a game behind Detroit in the race for the AL Central - The Twins win 5-4; with the White Sox beating Detroit we walk out of the game tied.  Sunday's game was going to be huge - not only was it supposed to be the last regular season game in the Metrodome, it was a necessary win to keep hopes alive!

Sunday - Twins vs. KC - Detroit vs. White Sox, never have I wanted the Sox to win so badly!  As we are sitting in the dome watching the Twins destroy the Royals, the entire crowd is watching the score of the Detroit game... we need them to lose, otherwise we have to play a tie-breaker on Tuesday.  Detroit wins, lame.  Twins win, awesome.  Tie-breaker on Tuesday at the Dome, tickets are on sale now.  We stick around for the Dome ceremony and then rush outside to get tickets to Tuesday's game.  Lower level is sold out, fine, upper level here we come - At least we have tickets - who cares where they are!

Two huge and exciting games... time to rest up a bit - but not before the Vikings meet with the Packers for Monday Night Football!
As if I even need to say this, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know that Brett Favre single handedly brought us to victory over his former Green Bay team.  Poor saps... and they used to think this man was their God!  Now we do :)  Anyhow - Vikings won and it was a great game!

Tuesday - Tie-breaker game in the Dome and I have tickets!  It's raining all day, so I opt to leave my camera at home (wish I woulda brought it) - again, you must know how this game went unless you live under a rock.  Assuming you live in the real world and know that the Twins were victors (6-5 in the 12th Inning)... I will continue by posting some photos from the last 5 days (I only took my camera to Sunday's game):

Jordan and her Daddy:

Jordan with her Pom's

Hard at Play

Kirby's Home run seat.

A Full house in the dome for the 'last' game image uploader is not working as it should, so that's all you get today!

Twins are off to play the Yankees in NYC - hopefully they will come out on top - I have faith, probably more than I should, but I believe we deserve this!   Congrats boys on making it this far!!!


Kristi said...

AWESOME week of sports for MN!!!!!
PS My brother flew to NYC today and is going to the game!! Go Twins!

Lynne said...

Congrats on both victories! Can you send some of that luck our way?

As a hater of the Yankees, Go Twins!!!!!!!!!


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