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Monday, October 26, 2009

Punch Pizza, St. Paul, MN

Copied from my review on citysearch, and updated to be personalized for my blog:
Punch Pizza Website

After reading an article in Delta's Sky Mag, Steve and I decided we needed to make a trip to Punch Pizza. One lazy Sunday afternoon (yesterday), we decided it was the perfect day for it.
We inform the server that it was our first visit and she was very helpful in explaining the menu and how things at Punch work. She told us that their pizzas are make approx 10 inches and couples will generally order a salad or Antipasti along with the pizza, if the plan is to share the pizza.
We ordered the Artichoke Dip along with the Vesuvio pizza, both to share. The artichoke dip had EXCELLENT flavor and lots of big chunks of artichoke, something commonly missing from most restaurants version of this dish. I think our conversation went something like this: 'If this is any indication of what the pizza will be like... I have high hopes!'
Once the pizza arrived we both dug right in! Slowly chewing and taking in all the flavors of this pie we exchange looks and decide we made a good decision. I make it to the crust, both our favorite part of a pizza, and take one bite and stop dead in my chewing... 'OMG, this is the BEST crust I've ever had!!!' I could have ate an entire pie of just this chewy deliciously burnt crust! I say burnt because their pizzas are baked for 90 seconds at 800 degrees in a wood-burning oven! You get blisters and patches of flavorful burnt spots - not at all a bad thing, if you know what you're getting into. We devoured the entire thing in minutes, and both left wanting to order another, just to keep eating!
At the end, our server handed us the check along with 2 very yummy pieces of candy... again leaving our mouths full of happiness! We were also given a Punch card... where I believe the 7th Pizza is a free one (something tells me we'll be getting to that 7th in no time at all).
Overall, I'm highly impressed with Punch Pizza and can't wait to go back and try another creation! The boyfriend, who I would say eats pizza more than anyone I know, said it was the best pizza he's ever had - so I think that's saying a lot.
Now, how to get a location out in the Northwest Suburbs?
Kudos, Punch Pizza - you know what you're doing for sure!
  • Pros: great service, great food!
  • Cons: No location in the Northwest Suburbs!


Kristi said...

Punch has been on my list forever....I just need to find some money to go to all the restaurants on my list!!

Lovi said...

I've never heard of it -- will have to give it a try!

Dana Leigh said...

Punch is a SEVERE addiction for me. I absolutely love their pizza and have been there sooooo many times and never have been disappointed. My favorite: Margherita (basil) with sausage, mushroom and onion. Just the best. P.S. M and I DO order our own pizza and devour it ourselves!


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