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Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd Die without my coffee!

Plinky Prompt: What helps you wake up in the morning?

Once upon a time I had a strong distaste for coffee. Well actually... that's not true; let's travel back in time, shall we?

I remember (all of the sudden, vividly) being a little girl and having such love and admiration for my father that I'd do anything to spend time with him or be more like him - somethings never change really, but keeping on topic - he drank coffee like it was going out of style. I remember always going in the kitchen to pour him another cup, and if the pot had been turned off I'd stick it in the microwave and he'd give me some random number to nuke it for; most of the time it was 1:11 (apparently it made my giggle or something). Every now and again I'd ask if I could have a cup for myself; with at least half the bag of sugar I ended up drinking more of a coffee paste than an actual cup of liquid coffee.

{random side thought: I wonder if my parents hated me after a cup off coffee mixed with sugar? Must have been the days we spent all day at the park}

So I continued to grow and pretty much grew out of the coffee thing; turned out my dad liked me enough on my own that I didn't need to try and 'fit in' with him!

Fast forward to a few years ago. One random day I decided that it's time to grow up. I actually remember the day quite clearly, but that's another blog entirely. I needed to branch out from my normal means of caffeine, set the Dew aside and get me a cup of joe! I used to sit in my office and drink my water throughout the morning and have my Dew in the afternoon - that was my fix for the day, and it worked for me. I live in Minnesota though and my office is apparently hard to heat, so why not drink something in the morning that will warm me up AND give me a nice start to the day.

I had to tweak it some to get it just how I liked it, but now it's like tying my shoe or buckling my seat belt; I can fancy up my cup of joe with my eyes closed (assuming someone can tell me where the cup is).

I've tried going a day without it and it's not a very fun day for me or those around me.

I'm not a coffee snob, I don't walk into the local chain coffee house and ask for a grande non-fat latte with a double shot of caramel and no whip (or however they talk). Hell, I don't really even know what a latte is (well, kind of I do), I just drink my black coffee with cream and sweetener. I do like good coffee though, and I'm not afraid to search it out and completely devour myself in it. My office drinks crap coffee because it's cheap and Costco sells it in bulk, I need to spoil myself when I can - Thank God I only work 4 days a week :)

About a year or so ago, I realized that I actually enjoy coffee and I'm not just drinking it to warm me or wake me - I crave it! Friday mornings (my day off) are one of the best mornings in my week because I get to wake up and drink MY coffee (which happens to be Dunkin Donuts coffee, YUM) and enjoy a nice relaxing morning. I get so excited to go to bed on Thursday nights because I know it means I get real coffee in the morning. ahhhhhhhh......

Point being, I need (yes, NEED) my coffee in the morning. You need me to have it as well, trust me ;)

ugh... too bad it's only Monday.

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Dana Leigh said...

The way you describe your need/want for coffee is appealing. You paint a good picture with your words. I remember the days of wanting to drink coffee because of my parents/grandpa too. I don't drink caffiene but it is a treat when I go and get a Caribou decaf coffee all made up the way I like it.


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