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Friday, September 18, 2009

Migraines Hurt

It always is a sad day when I have to take the time to write because I have something I want to track.  If you follow this link, you'll find all the blogs I've written to keep some sort of history on my battle with migraines.  I'm super luck that I'm not writing these blogs daily, weekly, or even monthly.  The last time I had to do this was August of 2008 - over a year ago.  You won't find me complaining... much.

So let me record my story, feel free to read if you'd like, but please don't feel obligated as this is strictly my own informative history.

Yesterday, Thursday, I get to work at 6am on the button.  I do a few things around the office,  fill my coffee mug, and grab a spoon for my yogurt and go sit at my desk.  As I'm sitting there eating my yogurt and starting into my work for the day I start to have some blurry vision - now this isn't extremely alarming as it was early and sometimes I just don't wake up that fast, so I rub my eyes and try to refocus.  I still can't see very well and it seems to be getting worse... crap I think.  The last thing I want is a migraine.
Well as it went on the vision got worse and my head started to hurt a little bit.  The pain is pretty intense so I did shed a tear or two as the sharp pains went ripping and roaring through my head.  Shortly after this started Jayne came in for the day and I told her right away what was going on.  She looked at my pupils and said they look really small (which may explain why I can't see?) - and she told me to just hang out and see how it goes.  My vision slowly started to return and Jayne suggested I go lay in my car as it was still dark and it might help my eyes a bit.  So I did, I went out there for about 15 minutes, then I could see again.  So I go back in work with a throbbing headache and figure I have to get somethings done before my week is over, luckily it wasn't anything super time consuming.  I start in on my work making sure everyone knows I'll be leaving once I have these few things done.  My head is killing me and the lights and noises of my job are NOT helping.

Right as I'm wrapping up my vision starts to go again... WTF?!  So I sit there, make a call to Walgreen's to have them check the instructions on prescription, and just wait.  I have 2 different kinds of medicine: a quick dissolve tablet and a capsule.  I took one of each and waited a few minutes.  At that point I couldn't stand being in the office anymore and my vision was on it's way back in, so I talk to Jayne and Bob (who play work mom and dad when things happen to me), and tell them I'm starting to see again and I'm going to go sit in my car until my vision is perfect then drive home.  They were trying to figure a way to get me home and I didn't want to trouble anybody, let alone leave my car at work.  I could get myself home just fine (stubborn huh?).

It's time to drive.  Start the car and go, the drive home was ok, I could see but had some nausea going on (which is a new feeling for me).  I get home and lay down right away.  I sleep for about 2 hours and wake up feeling pretty crappy.  Sore, tired, headache... I lay around for a bit - lost vision again, had some numb limbs, nausea persisted, etc.  I took another nap... blah blah.

My sweetie brought me some food because I hadn't had anything to eat since the yogurt; I was barely able to eat any soup but managed to finally get it all down and I skipped the sandwich altogether.  We also went to pick up a Mt. Dew, my dad suggested caffeine and I thought it was probably a good idea as I didn't have but a half cup while I was at work.  I took a pill before dinner and one during - slowly I was starting to feel better.

I went to bed still with a sore head but feeling a lot better than I had all day.  I had to wake up and clean my gma's apt this morning, and I felt pretty good when I woke up.  As I moved things hurt more, bending over to pick something up, sneezing... not very cool.  I continue to feel better as the day goes on, still very tired, but feeling better, which is a good thing.

Overall, this was the worst and longest migraine I've had to date - and I just pray they aren't going to continue to get worse.  I guess if I only have to deal with them once a year I can manage ... but really don't want to!

I think that about covers it... not very detailed recored keeping as it was pretty much just a crappy day all day long :(

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Kristi said...

Sorry to hear that the migraine came back, Ang. As a long-time headache sufferer, I know how debilitating it can be. Hopefully the meds work and it doesn't return for a long time


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