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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out to Sea with the Vikings

Plinky Prompt: What specialized rooms does your new multi-million dollar yacht have?

These are just 2 of the rooms my yacht would have. The bedrooms would be off the chains and of course it would have a movie theater!

"Go Vikings"
.. but I still hate Brett Favre.

As, first, a Vikings fan, my yacht would have a room solely dedicated to The Purple and Gold. I live for this season, and what better than having a year round room for it?

Clearly the room would have the latest and greatest HD flat screen on the market, an amazing surround sound system, and what's a sports themed room without DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket and every other sports package out there?!

Unfortunately for me and my fellow Vikings cohorts, the Purple and Gold only play a few months out of the year, so the room would have some memorabilia from the other local teams, including but not limited to: KG bling (T-wolves) and Mauer's autographed lips (Twins). Really the coolest things out there, even though KG is no longer a T-puppy and Mauer wouldn't be quite as sexy without his luscious lips.

The one thing you will look for many times over but never find is anything relating to the number 4. Just because he plays for the Vikings doesn't mean I have to like him (I've written a blog or two about my feeling on this subject, so I'll spare the details here). Let's just say he will never be worthy of any wall space on my yacht!

Of course there is a Beer fridge as well, cause really what is a game without a beer? Is there even such a thing?

Last and pretty important is a Wing dispenser. Think Rosie on the Jetsons , you push a button and get the wing sauce of your choice in the quantity desired. Boom, done.

As a huge lover of all things food, a state of the art kitchen is a must for any 'homes' I own.

Obviously you need a kitchen to feed yourself and your crew. I'd also want my kitchen to be a hangout though, so it would need to have very comfortable seating. Since the kitchen is already huge, we may as well put a couch in there, something round-esque as to make it comfortable for everyone but personal enough for more intimate gatherings.

My kitchen would also have a huge island in it, because I feel islands are fantastic for standing around while you're cooking and chatting with friends.

I'd have every appliance known to man, including all the "As seen on TV" gadgets! I'd have a flat screen that raises up from the counter top, a fridge that cools itself, a fully digital modern stove full with convection oven, and LOTS of counter space to layout all the food my personal chef will prepare!

(Don't forget about the little Wing Rosie roaming around the halls!)


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