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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year 2011 in Pictures

If you've been with me for a year or more, you know that I've taken to review my years in photo form.  Click these links through to see my photo reviews from 2010, 2009, and 2008.
So... prepare yourself for a long and picture heavy post!

First let's look at the trip Steve and I took to Hawaii back in February - what a beautiful place!

Then let's talk about great friends and great times:
Linnea's bachelorette party
Milwaukee and Six Flags with Krysten and Izzy

Jeff and Linnea's wedding!

Amanda and I at the Vikings game

Shotgunning my first beer EVER!

Second annual pumpkin carving
Monthly girls dinners with my best friends from way back when (me, Amanda, Pamela, and Abbie)
Dinner's with these wonderful ladies (some more than once this year!!)
My best friend, Pam, being preggers and throwing her a wonderful shower!

Natalie Marie - born 11/14/11
Continuing to develop a close friendship with my cousin, Shannon

Steve buying a house shortly after returning from Hawaii and him asking my to move in with him:

One of many shopping trips to Home Depot for the house

First big project - taking down wallpaper in the bedroom and painting it to suit us

painting our dining room a BEAUTIFUL shade of deep red

under cabinet lighting!

My wonderful brother and sister-in-law - and their amazing daughters, my nieces:

Doing a boudoir photo shoot!

Random photos of my year:

Diamond earrings for my 30th Birthday

One of my favorite photos of the year - taken along the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Found me a nice little red barn to photograph

Grand Marais Lighthouse

Winning first class tickets to fly somewhere!

My sweet kitty Boomer, though he had a bit of a rough patch, I feel like he is doing well now, he eats bland food only, but at least he's eating and keeping it down.

Cuddling on the couch
Fun drawings on the white board wall:

Getting a new baby brother - Wyatt Lewis, born 10/19/11

Good times with my amazing outcast cousins

Saving the best for last - this year of my life has been simply incredible and I owe that entirely to one person; Steve.  He has been my rock when I've broken down, he has loved me without question, he has expressed his love for me in ways I never knew possible.  If 2011 is any indication of how the rest of my life with this man will be, then bring it on!  My dear sweet boyfriend, I love you with all of my heart and soul; thank you for being with me and sharing in my joys and sorrows all of 2011.  I know 2012 will bring some difficult times, as we're already preparing for, but together I know we can get through it - you lean on me and I'll lean on you.  In the end, we have each other, and that's a lot.  I love you Steve.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You had such an amazing year Ang. I hope this year is even better!

gringationcancun said...

Wow what a great year!! I love your Hawaii photos and your house :)

Steve said...

It was an amazing year indeed baby! I love you very much and look forward to many more fantastic years with you!

Kristi said...

Glad you had a great year and hope 2012 is even better!!! Great review in photos!

Dana said...

You've had a fantastic year! Sometimes you need that extra reminder and show all the highlights to realize and remember how good it was. Happy New Year!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Hey! Fun finding your blog through Why Girls Are Weird. I am a fellow Minnesota girl, living in Minneapolis. I seriously love getting to connect up with other bloggers in my area so hit me up if you'd like.


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