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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zumba - Class 2

If you missed it last week, go here first to see how my first Zumba class went.

For those of you who did read and comment, a HUGE thank you!  For me it's not so much about what other people are thinking about me, it's what I'm thinking and how I feel.  I don't like to not understand things; feelings of frustration make me want to break down and bawl.

So after the big day Sunday of scrubbing the walls of wallpaper glue and not getting a great nights sleep, I was pretty much looking for an excuse to not go to Zumba last night.  I couldn't come up with one, so I got dressed and went.

One of my girlfriends didn't make it because she was under the weather, so it was just 2 of us.  This time I was there with the more experienced dancer friend, which had me feeling a bit intimated.  Not that she would ever judge me based on Zumba, but I still have feelings of living up to her standards (I know, the way I think is retarded).  Last week she tried to teach me this simple foot movement that I just couldn't get... I felt so embarrassed when she took the time to slow it down and I still couldn't get it.

So I get there early this time so I can stretch out and maybe chit-chat with my gf for a few before class starts... we get in a few good minutes of gossip and laughter at a 'friends' expense, and then we make our way out to the gym floor.  Ironically (or not at all ironic, just kind of a fun fact) - this Zumba class takes place in the school where I went for grades 7-8.  Sadly, I don't remember any of my gym classes in these gyms we're in.  I do, however, remember the smell of the school, which has not changed since I went there... 15 years ago.  Isn't it funny how smells can bring back such vivid memories?
I digress.

We do some small little steps that we learned last week as a warm up - easy peasy!  Then she goes into other things we did last week, most of which I nailed last week.  So far, so good!  We then go on to do some other stuff we learned last week and I pretty much got all of it.  The little step that Abbie tried to teach me last week, I actually did it!  Abbie looked over at me and said "You've got it!"  I told her to not watch me because as soon as she looked over I messed it up!

Overall I just took the approach of doing what I understood and simply not worrying about the rest.  When she'd do some foot movement and add arms to it - if my arms didn't get it, I just focused on the feet part.  The rest will come.  Being honest, some of the arm shit she does really doesn't match the beat of the music OR our feet.  So... I'm chalking that up to her being off a beat in the membrane! ;)

She did teach us some new moves - a few easy as pie, a few that took me a minute and a few I still don't get. I'm not worried though, I'll get there, and if I don't... oh well.  I'm not being graded on this.

I feel 100 times better about last nights zumba than the first night.  I still plan to stick with it and hopefully I'll get everything eventually.  The best part was that I actually broke a sweat last night, which felt REALLY good!  I feel a little sore today, hard to say if it's from zumba or from scrubbing the walls..

I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do when these 7 weeks are up... a good hour of working out to someone else's beat is good for me!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Like I said last week, my experience was much the same... sh*tty first class, then it gets better when you get the hang of it!

Have fun :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Yay way to go for sticking with it Ang, I'm proud of you! (and yes I will be returning your email, I'm just being a big ol' pile of lazy right now).

JerseySjov said...

great success :)
one of my pet peeves is when people quit something when they're not instantly experts. even the best person in the world at WHATEVER was a complete spazz-o newbie at one point

Smart Ass Sara said...

Woo hoo!! :) I'm glad you are feeling more confident at the class. They always seem like a ton of fun. The college I work at offers it as a ConEd class but they are all at times that don't work for me. Boo. :/

KimBerly said...

You should be so proud of yourself for sticking with it even though you felt uncomfortable. I have to admit I probably wouldn't have but think you are awesome for going back..


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