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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have to wake up in a few hours!

If you're anything like me you don't do much in the blogging world over the weekends... I read all the blogs that are posted, but mostly in passing and I rarely comment on weekend posts - not sure why.  Sometimes it's Monday morning at work and I'm just trying to get caught up, other times I read while I'm drinking my morning coffee and don't have 2 hands free to type a comment.
Whatever the reason, it's just how I do things.

It's even more rare for me to post on the weekends.  So why, at almost 4am, on a Saturday am I blogging?  I up, that's why.  Am I drunk?  Nope.  Just up.

Tonight, boyfriend has what appears to be 7-10 guys over for a bachelor party.  I had to get out of the house earlier while they were here BBQing, because I just couldn't sit here and watch.  Then they got in a limo and headed downtown Minneapolis, which is when I came home.  I watched part of the Social Network, got tired, and went to bed.  This was 11pm.
I slept good for a few hours.  I was then awoken by loudness.  It was 2am and they boys were home.  Obviously having to empty bladders upon entering my house, the upstairs hallway filled up.  Boyfriend came in to kiss me and close the door.  Bad idea, because my cat was sleeping on the bed with me and he doesn't much care for shut doors, so off the bed he jumps and over to the door he goes.  I have 2 options at this point: lay there and listen to him meow because he wants out or get up and open the door - I chose the latter.

You know how when you're awaken and your heart is beating faster than normal... does anyone else get that feeling ever?  That's how I'm feeling right now - shakey.  It's almost 4am now.

These boys are not quiet.  I understand and don't necessarily expect drunk boys to come home and whisper... but we do have a basement that would likely mask all sound from entering my room and my ears.  I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't want to go sleep somewhere else (and where?) just because boys are here.  Some respect would be nice, I guess.

Boyfriend is drunk and smells of Hot 100 (for those who don't know - he smells like Big Red gum with alcohol mixed in).

I just want to sleep.

I'm getting up tomorrow and going to breakfast with my friend, Rich.  I'm excited as I haven't seen him in a very long time.  I'm also excited to just get out of this house tomorrow and not have to deal with hungover smelly boys ALL OVER my house.

I'm having a really hard time with this right now because there are some people involved in this party that I don't know (I already have huge trust issues) and I've heard very bad stories about.  I don't want people getting out of hand and destroying everything in their path.

There is, what seems to be pretty constant, loud banging downstairs... not sure what that could be.  Our cupboards have these magic things on them so you absolutely cannot slam them (maybe a blog in itself for another time)... what else could cause that noise?    I have my fan on which drowns out the exact words, but not so much the yells and bangs and voices.

I think they are wrestling now.

I should go sleep in my car.

I'm frustrated.


Dana Leigh said...

Ummm....all that sucks. Sorry you have/had to deal with that. I guess I'm not sure why the bach party was at your house but maybe cuz it's a novelty still and hopefully your house won't be the source of more bach parties. You live there too so you do have a right to talk to Steve about how loud everyone was. It's a new house and maybe you both don't know how much the sound may travel, even if they think they were being quieter than they really were.
Are you going to breakfast with Rich Z? If that's him and you get this before you leave, tell him I said hi!!!! I haven't seen him for years.

Kristi said...

Have fun at breakfast with Rich! He told me he was meeting you today... I left him at the party at 4am so he probably got even less sleep than you did!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ugh, welcome to my world. Been there. Not only with Dusting but having to deal with my brother as well and it is not fun. And I totally get what you mean about being woken up and your heart racing... same thing happens to me.

I would sit down with your BF and explain that maybe next time he and the boys could maybe take it down to the basement so that you can sleep and they can still party and everyone's happy. Boys don't seem to think about that, especially when they're drinking.

gringationcancun said...

Grrr I wrote a long comment and it got deleted.

Short version:

Jorge does this all the time because we have a great party house. I just drown it out with my AC and TV :)

The one thing I can't stand is when Jorge comes to bed REEKING of alcohol. It's so disgusting that I often have to tell him to go sleep in the guest bedroom.

The following morning the house will be a mess, but Jorge cleans it up, so no big deal.

Other than a smelly Jorge in my bed, I'm happy that he's happy. (and I'd rather have him partying it up in our house than elsewhere, so I encourage it!)


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