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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twins Home Opening Weekend

So... after the wedding reception was over we all wanted to hang out longer, because we are awesome people.  Turns out the kegs that were purchased were still flowing!  WAH-HOO!  Unless, of course, you're already bombed and don't really need to drink anymore.  The bar tenders filled up probably 12-14 pitchers of beer and let us take them up to a room with us.  Did we need them?  Nope.  Were we quiet while drinking them?  Nope.  Did we drink them all?  I have no idea.  I'm not even sure what time Steve and I went to bed; it was late/early though.

We had tickets to the Twins game - home opening weekend tickets are always fun games because the crowd is electrifying!  We set the alarm for like 8am, because Duluth is a good 2.5 hours from our house (we left the tickets at home, durr), then the ballpark is another 30ish minutes from the crib.  We snoozed a bit and decided we didn't have to be at the field right at 1:10.  I was a mess; still drunk most likely.  Steve went and sat in the shower for probably 30 minutes.. then I told him he had to drive home because I couldn't even think about it.

We finally got on the road - after picking up some coffee (which I barely touched) and a tasty McDonald's breakfast sammy.  After making several stops along the way we finally made it home, grabbed the tickets, and headed back out to Target Field!  I think we walked in the gates round about 1:30-2:00.  I really didn't want to be around people... being wicked hungover, loud crowds of people are not appealing to me.  First things first... Walk-a-Taco.  This is a new food item at the ballpark; it's a taco you can eat while walking... cone shaped shell with all the taco fixings mixed together inside of it.  Scroll down a bit on this page to see a picture.  Looks good, right?  Steve and I were really excited to try these; we ordered one chicken and one beef:
For me, it left a lot to be desired.  I liked the chicken better than the beef, because you could taste cilantro in it (and I LOVE me some cilantro)... but they mix in some sort of sauce with it and I don't really do taco sauces on my tacos, and I felt like that either ruined it for me or took away the rest of the flavor or something. Maybe I was just hungover and unable to taste.. who knows.  Great picture though, right?!

Twins lost, which, for how I was feeling, was fitting.  A few other pictures from the day:

 cute, huh?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Bleh the Twins are making me sad lately. But I feel like they're always slow to start so hopefully it'll get better. I just bought some cute Twins earrings at the MOA and I can't wait to wear them when I have to work during a game.

gringationcancun said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'm not a huge fan of tacos, but those look pretty good!

KimBerly said...

I still haven't been to a twins game.. Bad Minnesotan!

Kristi said...

Being hungover is the WORST (which is partially why I never drink that much). You are a trooper... I wouldn't have gone to the game feeling like that. No way Jose!

Busy Mother of 3 said...

Yuck on the hangover! I did that ONE time and learned all I needed about drinking. ;) Glad you all made it back safely and got to go to a game!!! We went to a Cardinals game last week and were so pumped. Sadly, our team is starting out slow as well... so I feel your pain there. Love the pics of you; you are, as always, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! (If I looked that good hungover, I would drink more)

JerseySjov said...

if more arenas had those taco things i might start watching pro sports

Dana Leigh said...

I like that taco idea! Are those at Senor Smokes? I've never seen them there before. UGH, having a hangover and racing to get to the game sounds terrible...only to see a loss. I was there too and I actually forgot that you were going. Maybe we'll hook up there one of these times!


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