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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What do you expect?!

Quick, super quick, like stealth little ninja quick... update on my life.

We made it back from New York - New York City was simply amazing!  Just as I expected.  I do have pictures, and I will post them (I know you've heard that before, but I really will!!).  Steve loved it, he's obsessed with the Subway system there; can't say I blame him.  I'll most more on that once I have my pics on my computer.

I changed offices last week - I still work for the same company :( but because we are merging with another company, we are rearranging some of the office staff - myself and my co-worker, Bob, moved our spaces to Elk River.  Which is about 20 minutes closer to my house!  My commute is now 15 minutes!  That is about the only bonus of that.  I just moved down on Thursday of last week, so I have really had much time to soak it all in... but the one thing I have noticed already is that I'm super fucking lonely.  Before I sat in an office with open walls and we could talk (work or personal) whenever we wanted, now I'm all alone in a little space - well here, let me snap a pic with my phone:

So, that view is what you see walking in the front door - I sit behind that desk.  excuse the mess, I just moved ;)
To the right, is the offices of the company we are merging with - to the left is the offices of the company we share the space with, also a vendor of ours.  Straight back (to the right of the desk) is the bathrooms and a door to the plant/warehouse.  I also sit right next to the lunchroom.
ALL ALONE.  People walk through randomly, say hello, and carry on.  I really feel like I'm going to go crazy - before I could hear every conversation whether I wanted to or not.. now I don't even get to hear people talk about what they had for dinner last night :(

Moving on... what else has been going on?
My #2 niece, Cayden, turned 2 at the end of April - she's a fricken doll.
My bestie, Pam, is getting married at the end of June, so lots of stuff going on with that (showers, bach parties, etc.) - all the planning is going super awesome, finally!
It's our last week at Kettlebells this week... talk about an ass kicking!  Hey-Zeus!
Steve and I will celebrate 3 years on June 1

That's it for now.  Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm alive!


Dana said...

Oh, it does look lonely. :( Hopefully you can just find a new job and won't have to be there much longer. Glad to hear NY was awesome and can't wait to see proof of that. I forgot you were doing a kettlebells class. Do a post on what you thought about it or email me and let me know how tough it was.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh man... I would be bored. What also sucks is knowing you will have to smell people heating up their stinky lunches too. OR when someone's ass dies in the bathroom.

Sad day.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm so sad that you're lonely where you are now, especially because I know you IRL so I can just imagine how bored you must be =-/

Harley said...

whenever I have to work in a space like that I end up collaring anyone who doesn't speedwalk past the desk. Any random 'hello' is taken as an opportunity for a chat. Seriously, try it! It's the only way to keep a hold of your sanity!

Laura in Cancun said...

Aww sorry your desk sucks :( Hang in there and use the location as an opportunity to meet passers-by!!

Can't wait to see NYC pics

Kristi said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!!!


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