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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jealous much?

It could be true people... 2 blogs in one week, back to back(?!) - this kid could be making an epic comeback.  It's not likely true, but we can hope right?

Once upon a time I wrote a blog and Steve got upset with me for essentially airing our business when we weren't even a couple, officially.  It was more a matter of not talking to him before I put the situation on blast;  I took the blog down.  No big deal.
This time Steve already knows how I feel... so it shouldn't come as a surprise. ;)

Back in the fall - October/November specifically my dad and his wife had a baby and then my best friend Pam had a baby.  There were a lot of friends on Facebook having babies and posting photos... I started to get baby fever.
Steve and I don't specifically want kids - so I told him... if I start talking crazy and telling him let's make a baby he needs to remind me that, while they are cute when they are just born, they do grow out of that phase and begin walking, talking and forcing you to spend money.  I feel like my baby fever is slowly going away and once my bratty half brother and Pam's little girl start talking back and hitting me just because they think it's cool, I will be snapped back to reality and baby fever will be gone.  Until then...

Moving on... I have wedding fever ya'll!  As you know, my cousin just got married.  Pam is getting hitched in June... I'm simply dying to be married all of the sudden!
Sure, I've always wanted to be married, but now my desire is stronger than ever.  I want to be engaged, I want to tell our friends and family and have them be so happy for us, I want to plan a wedding, I want to have showers, I want to have a last night out with my girlfriends, I want a beautiful white dress, I want my dad to walk me down the aisle, I want to officially be joined to Steve for the rest of my life.
Steve and I have talked about doing something small and not spending a ton of money, because neither one of us want to go into debt just to be joined in Holy Matrimony.  I don't need fancy, I just want all of it.  I want to be a wife.



Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You and me both lady... it's funny because while planning my first wedding I had wedding nightmares A LOT. Particularly the "where is my groom??" nightmares. I wish I'd paid more attention because I feel like those dreams were telling me to RUN AWAY.

HOWEVER. Since being with Izzy, I keep having these wife dreams. Not wedding dreams but dreams in which we've already gotten married, are living together and I'm his wife. Obviously we haven't been together THAT long but I feel like my subconscious is trying to tell me something...

I will tell you that I think you and Steve make such a wonderful couple and it thrills me to know how happy you two are together. It'll happen (meaning the marriage thing, of course), I know it.

Smart Ass Sara said...

If ever you get baby fever, I have two kids you can take for a weekend. They are cute and fun but they are absolutely exhausting. I think it's awesome when people know that being a parent is not for them, that they'd be a much better auntie/uncle than a parent. 1. Kids could always use an adult to do something fun with them for a bit and then bring them home. 2. Parenting is HARD work and I think if people really knew what they were in for the population wouldn't be so out of control.

But yay for wanting to be married! By all accounts, you and Steve sound madly in love and you have already built this awesome life- time to seal the deal. :)

Dana said...

I had baby fever a couple of times in my life for like, a minute and then I'm over it. Just not for me. As for marriage, I'm dying to be engaged and then married. I don't care about anything else in between. You and Steve will be there, eventually. Be patient and it will happen. As for going into debt and spending a shit-ton of money on everything, EVERYONE who has gotten married says it's not worth it. You barely even remember your day because it's such a whirlwind. It's your love that prevails in the end and that doesn't cost a thing!

Anonymous said...

The same baby fever hits me all the time. My mother in law always says she wants grandchildren, and I just know our hypothetical kids would be so spoiled by our families. My friends would also be super excited, plus I like the idea of being pregnant and having a belly.

Still, I have to slap myself back into reality. Jorge and I really don't want kids for a few more years. Sometimes I'm not sure i'll ever want kids. I like being able to go to the beach whenever I want, or watch whatever I want on TV.

I'm way too selfish for kids.
Enjoy your time as bf and gf, because daydreaming about a wedding is one of the best parts of getting married :):):) Once you get engaged, the fun wedding planning is over way too quickly.


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