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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shannon & Joe - MARRIED!

My little cousin got married this past weekend, as I may have mentioned in the past, I was in the wedding.  It was a great time; happy it's over and life can get back to normal for everyone!  Here are some photos from the night:
a sneak peak from the photographer was on facebook at like midnight that night... now THAT is what I call service!

They also had a photo booth - tooooooooo much fun!
Steve, my mom, my brother, SIL, and me.  I love these pictures!
Steve and me with my mom and her boyfriend
My auntie Jayne and Bob (my favorite co-worker)
cousin Michelle
MSA - Michelle, Shannon, Angela
Other randoms throughout the day/night:
after the ceremony

auntie Jayne

On the bus, party rockin'


TONS of dancing

The highlight AND low-light of the night... the bouquet toss.
I'm in the photo booth and someone comes over "Ang, she's going to throw the bouquet" "Do I have time to take these pictures?"  "No."  I take the pictures anyhow.
Once finished in the photo booth - which took like 10 seconds - I ran to the dance floor and jumped in front of all the girls out there and started sticking my butt out in order to say 'I plan on catching this thing, so back off!'
Then my mom comes running over in quite the same fashion as I did.  She says "It's okay, we're a team, if I catch it, I'll give it to you"
(quite some time before this, Steve made a joke about if I caught the bouquet I really would be the next one to get married)
Shannon throws the bouquet, I feel it hit my hand and fall to the side, with my 'teammate/mom' next to me I don't panic we're a team... she catches it and runs SO FAST the other way with the bouquet in hand.  I've never been so bitter in my life.  That was the low-light of the night.
Steve said I stood on the dance floor with my hands on my hips like WTF?!
From there, we went right into the photo booth to capture my feelings.
Steve took this as we were getting ready to take the pics
These pics make it the highlight of the night - I think they are so funny!
There is a video out there on my mom's boyfriends phone... I need to get it, because people tell me that my mom ran over a stiff armed me to catch it... I feel like I might pee my pants laughing when I see it.

Anyhow - that's that.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Holy crap, who was the photog? That is QUICK.

And I LOVE the color of those bridesmaid dresses!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some cute bridesmaid dresses!

What's up with your mom? Not cool haha

Dana said...

You spent the night in the photo booth! :) I love pictures like that. The pink looks great and you look so very pretty and oh yeah, your boobs are huge! And of course, congrats to Shannon and Joe!

Kristi said...

Congrats Shannon and Joe! Looks like an awesome time, love the photo booth pics. Your mom is funny and those pics of you with the stink eye are even funnier.
PS I see big boobs run in your family, it isn't just you!


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