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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zoya - Share the Love

Zoya nail polish - any one who knows me or who has been paying attention as of late, knows that I'm sort of obsessed with Zoya.  It's amazing.  I have a killer manicure right now, but I broke like 3 of my nails in one day this week, so it's looking a bit rough right now.  Anyhow - Let's just say I have over 20 bottles of Zoya - and - at $8.00 a bottle you might say "DAMN gurl, you made of money 'er something?"  My answer would be "No, absolutely not".

I'm just awesome as I've never had to pay full price for a bottle of Zoya nail polish!  I follow Zoya on Twitter, on Facebook, and I follow their blog - which is a bit stalkerish, I'll admit.  Stalking or not, it's gotten me some great deals!
During the Holiday shopping season, they would have flash promos on Twitter where the first 1,000 people got a free bottle plus free shipping, or 5 bottles for $25 plus free shipping, sometimes polish with a free bottle of their Remove + (which is AMAZING!)... hell, just recently they had a code for B3G3 - another amazing offer!  I took advantage of more than one and that is where my obsession began - partially because it's fun getting in on code that are given in limited number but mostly because it is really great nail polish.  Its used with a vegan formula and free of all the bad stuff (I won't bore you with the scientific names).
I've never had a nail polish last as long as my Zoya does.  It last even longer if I don't ram my fingers into things and break nails!

Anyhow - I've shared this brand with many people and I will always tweet and post to facebook any codes that they are offering for free product - so if you don't know how to find me on Twitter and Facebook, just ask (I don't link my blog to those sites).
Had Zoya introduced their Share the Love program before I had, I would own more product as well as those people would have been given a damn near free bottle.

Want a free $5.00 to spend on Zoya product?
For those of you who have yet to give Zoya a try yet and want to, follow this link - you'll be credited $5 when you create a new free account: - You can use that $5.00 right away on your first order.  You must follow that link to be credited with your $5.00.
Best of all, once you create your account - you can create your own Share the Love link and share it with your friends and you'll both get free money to spend with them!  If nothing else, it's a great way to get your first bottle and give Zoya a try!  The price is comparable to what you'd find OPI going for, but it lasts longer :) BONUS!

Stay tuned for a upcoming post... I plan to post a picture of all the colors I own - eeek... how do I make sure Steve doesn't see that!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

And this is why I LOVE Zoya!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Thanks for the code!

Kristi said...

I must be out of the norm because other than the pretty colors, I have found nothing special about Zoya at all!!! Even with Top coat the most it lasts for me is 3 days TOPS. I know I got a deal with the coupon codes but I still spent way too much to be so unsatisfied.


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