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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorites from 10-12

Back at it, ready for the rest?

My 10th photo hunt took place in June of this year, 2010.  I only have two favorites, so it'll be quick like.

Up first is 'something scenic' - since this summer was the first year that Target Field was open, I feel like I wanted to find a way to use it in every photo hunt I did... however, I didn't.  Something scenic felt right for this one as it was a new way of seeing downtown Minneapolis that I hadn't yet shown in my photo hunts:

Another 'B&W with Selective Coloring' photo to share with you... remember how much I said I enjoy these?  This beer is a new beer, new this summer anyhow, made by my favorite beer company - which also happens to be a local company, so it's like a quadruple win, for me.

In August of this year, I entered my 11th (!!!) photo hunt.  Steve and I took a trip to the Black Hills, so I was hoping to get a few good shots on that trip to fill some of these category's... 

Up First is 'Macro'.  I cheated this one a bit, I'm obsessed with my prime lens, which basically means I can't take a true macro photo, however, cropping can make things look macro, why not give it a shot?!  On a blogger get-together, we went into a butterfly garden, which not only was going to fill the butterfly category, but it also gave me material for macro:

Then, sometime during the month I needed to have me a martini which happens to be one of my many 'indulgences' and thought, why not sit at a bar, alone, with my martini and stage a photo shoot?

While in the Black Hills with my boyfriend, there was much to be seen and done - I felt like this group of men were perfect for my 'masculine' shot; wouldn't you agree?

Then we come to my most recent photo hunt, #12.  I have a few favorites in this one mostly because I began using some actions for my photo and I feel like it adds a ton to an otherwise 'normal' photo.  Not only that, but I just have some cool shots.

This first shot is the 2010 version of 'Jack-O-Lantern' - Steve and I kicked major ass this year on pumpkins and obviously I had to put them in the hunt!

I love shots of leaves and as soon as I saw 'crisp' on the list I knew I had to capture leaves for this.  I stopped by a lake on the way home from work one day and there were TONS of leaves to pick from... with the lens that I prefer to use, I love the depth it helps capture.

Again, the depth of this shot is a favorite, but I also love how this 'something from the kitchen' stands out and the colors just POP right at you:

Last, I had to get a picture of my niece for something... little did I know that my 'child' shot would be something that is rare to find her doing anymore.. and something completely precious to see.

Well guys and gals (mostly gals).. that is gonna be it for my favorites!  However, I do plan to continue doing this hunts, so keep looking for them.  Hopefully you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy doing them.

As promised, I will be posting about my first ever photo shoot soon... probably tomorrow.

Happy Sunday and GO VIKINGS!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Well you know I love your photography Ang. I LOVE the one with Target Field. That view is absolutely amazing. And of course the butterfly from the get together!

Dana Leigh said...

All of them are great but the skyline at Target Field looks fake because it's so good...if that makes sense.:)

Harley said...

That first photo looks like a model city! A little-mini fake city! SO good!

Kristi said...

They have all been great shots!

Lovi said...

I'm completely in love with "b&w with selective color"! My cousin has a camera that does this and I so wanted one that did the same thing, but I had no idea what it was called. Now I know! :-)


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