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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do you read?

To those of you who have a blogroll a mile long - how do you keep track of new posts?

For example: I use Google Reader.  I am a fan of all things google and my blog is hosted through Google, so it's only right that I use the Reader.  I actually have a box on my personalized Google homepage for the Google Reader, so for the blogs I want to keep up on, I just add the URL to my Google Reader and it pops up on my homepage when there is a new post.

I know that I can also read new posts on my blogger dashboard (which is where I go to edit my layout, post new blogs, etc., like a blogger 'homepage')

I also know that you can get the RSS feeds in Outlook and probably other programs.  So the feed of a certain blog will just show up in Outlook.

I imagine that some people just link over through a bookmark or someone else's blog... but that has to be time consuming to check a blog manually when there are so many options to notify you.

So how do you get your daily dose of blogs?


Smart Ass Sara said...

I use Google Reader too. It's just easier for me because at heart- I'm really lazy- and it's built in to Blogger. But I typically write my blog for the night and then go to the dashboard and read everything I hadn't read yet. And sometimes I randomly see what I've missed for that day so I'm not reading blogs forever at night. :)

Okie Rednecks said...

Google reader is what I have found is easiest. I started out reading them all from the dashboard in Blogger but that was so time consuming!!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I use the Dashboard. I keep meaning to move over to Google Reader but I'm just too lazy to care at this point.

Kell said...

I just use the blogger dashboard and scroll through the new posts.. I should find a better way though, cause I usually don't get around to commenting on most!

Ashley Sisk said...

I use google reader...but I'm a google fan. I love that my gmail and blog account are all connected, but I hate when I get backed up in my means a lot of scrolling.

Anonymous said...

If the blog has a subscribe option, I always subscribe. That way I get an e-mail as soon as they post.

For everything else, I use Blogger (even though I don't have a Blogger website).

Dana Leigh said...

I use Google Reader. Never really tried anything else. Reader works perfectly for me.


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