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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gallery Wrap

Have yous guys heard about these daily deal websites?  You sign up and they email you a daily deal (usually about 50% off) for a restaurant, service, event, or something in your area.  You can then go to the website and buy the deal at whatever cost or just ignore it completely.  I've found these deals to be quite awesome - I've used them to try new restaurants, just this past weekend Steve and I toured a Winery which I purchased off one of these deals, and the other week I submitted a photo to have made into a gallery wrap to hang on my wall (again, it was a half price deal).  In situations where I wouldn't spend the large amount of money for these things, I can test them out for a much more reasonable price.

Today I want to tell you about these gallery wraps - basically you take a picture and the shop puts it on canvas and stretches it around a wood frame, so that your image is not only front and center, but it's on the sides as well.  I've seen them a million times and always wanted one - I have a photo of downtown Minneapolis that I wanted to put on there.  So when I got the email for this deal, it was like $30, so I jumped on it.  Only I didn't end up doing the Minneapolis picture - I used one of my white wine images - because I just loved the way they turned out and I had a perfect place to hang it.

Would you like to see the finished product?

I'm simply in love with this thing!  I went to pick it up and I was so happy with how it looked I gave them a $10 tip (which was probably not necessary).

Now, I'm not getting anything for talking this place up - but I do want to tell you where I got it done because I feel like they did an excellent job and I was able to upload my image online and they have a shipping option - which means if you want one and you're not local, you can still take advantage of this.  I feel like their prices are reasonable and I was given a code to pass along to save you 10% on your first order!  How cool is that?!

The place is located in New Brighton, MN (for the locals) and it's called Keepsake Canvas.  Again, they offer shipping as well, so everyone can take advantage of their prices and the 10% off.  So, now you need the code: ANB002.  This code is for your first order only, but persons A,B, C, and D can use it - so no worries about if someone else finds it first; it can be used by as many people that find it.

You can set the depth of the wrap, the size of the image, you can even order a small little 4x6 print for a desk - all for less than what it costs to have something professionally framed.  For reference, mine is a 12"x18" image with a .75" depth.

Anyhow - if you don't take advantage of the deal that's fine - I really just wanted to brag that I finally have myself a pretty gallery wrap image and it's perfect for my little wine/liquor nook.

To sum it up: Keepsake Canvas, use code ANB002 to save 10%


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

That looks awesome lady and I definitely think I need to take advantage of this offer. It'd make a great Christmas present!

Lovi said...

What an awesome gift idea! I'm already thinking Christmas gift. :-)

Yours looks awesome!!

Lovi said...

by the way, I love that you have "hope" right next to the alcohol! LOL -- love it! ;-)

Ang said...

@Lovi - Hope is my middle name (literally).. so I have many things around my house that say Hope.

@everyone - I never even thought about it making a great gift with the holidays coming up - DUR!

Kristi said...

Wow, that is fabulous!! I want to get a few made also and they currently have a $49 canvas deal at
If only I had some extra money right about now!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! Get the Minneapolis one, too. You know you want to!

Dana Leigh said...

Looks great! I've seen a few of these lately and for that price, it's even better!


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