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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have two things to talk about here, but one more important than the other.

ca·ma·ra·de·rie  -  noun 
\ˌkäm-ˈrä-d(ə-)rē, ˌkam-, ˌkä-mə-, ˌka-, -ˈra-\

: a spirit of friendly good-fellowship

Since I'm not one of the lucky ones to be going to the Twins game tonight, I have opted to spend my night at the local sports bar.  To most this may seems like a lame thing to do, but I was talking to a co-worker this morning and spelled it out for them as to why watching the first playoff game at a bar is so exciting to me.  For you, I shall do the same:
In my opinion, there is nothing more magical than being at a sports arena with howling fans every time your team does something good.  If you can't be there, then the next best thing is a sports bar.  Why?  Because you are still surrounded by fans.  When there is a home-run or a touchdown, everyone goes BUCK WILD!  While being at a bar may be distracting to some, it's a great experience for others; people watching, drinking or not, eating, and enjoying the game all at the same time!

There is nothing more exciting to me than giving high-fives to complete strangers who share my excitement... and there is a lot to be said about the good sport fans that cheer for the opposing teams while you heckle them.

Again, since I can't go to the game - I'll be cheering the Twins along from my barstool along with a handful of other Twins fans!

Lastly, Randy Moss is a Minnesota Viking again - and I think this is great news!

Go Twins and Go Vikings - it could be a magical year for the players and fans alike!


Jen said...

It's definately a great day to be a Minnesotan!! With Moss, I think the Vikings are going to kick butt on Monday night ;-) And go Twins, you can beat those Yankees!!

Oh, and stop by my blog because I have a new site where everyone is listing their current location. We already have 5 people from MN... we need some more! Go MN!!

Jen said...

Thanks dear!! I know there are a ton of us out there, I just don't know who we all are. Do you know anyone else from MN?

Oh, and Love your I don't text and drive commitment!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Eh... I don't care so much about the Vikings. But GO TWINS! I'm in the middle of watching Criminal Minds but Dustin keeps yelling out the score for me, hehe.

Dana Leigh said...

I watched the game from a bar last night too and it is exciting when everyone is cheering when the Twins do something good. I'll be at the game tonight so I hope for better results tonight!


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