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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update of months!

Are you pretty sure I'm dead?  You're wrong.

I'm alive, still looking for a new job, still hating my current one (even more now), still loving my boyfriend, still waiting on that ring ;), still as beautiful as ever.

What has been my life for the last couple of months?
Well... in recent weeks, we've been gifted a brand new king size bed and a kitchen-aid stand mixer.  Amazing, right?
The bed is wonderful.. we're still breaking it in - do you know you're supposed to rotate a mattress every 2 weeks while breaking it in?  Well, it's important, after the first 2 weeks there was an obvious difference once we rotated it.  We're making our second rotation this weekend.  King size sheets are not cheap, btw.

We've yet to use the stand mixer, but I figure once fall/winter rolls around and we're using the grill less, we'll have time to make some pizza dough and yummy sticky lemon rolls!  God, I love pinterest.

I've joined 2 fantasy football leagues, this is my first year ever playing FF.  So far, I'm 0-2 on one league and 1-1 on the other.  I lost week 1 on both leagues.. BUT, I've since brushed up on WTF I'm doing, so... I have high hopes for the weeks to come.

We watched season 6 of Dexter!

We booked our trip, using the first class tickets that Steve won at his Christmas party last year.  We're headed to Cancun at the end of January!

I joined Curves.  I've gone once, been a member for 18 days.  While I really want to shed some of this weight, I'm really not digging Curves after my first workout, and I'm sure I'll get over it if I just go.  The first, and only time I went, it was old ladies talking about flax seed recipes.  It just made me feel really old, and not in-my-30's old, but like straight up 70's old.  I almost went again yesterday, but... came up with an excuse to go home.  My bag is in the car, hopefully tonight.  I'll never know if they talk about anything besides flax seed unless I go find out, right?!

My niece turned 5 in July - have I told you that?  My little brother is going to be 1 next month!

I went to the Minnesota State fair and didn't eat as much as I normally do - so good and bad I suppose.

OMG - how could I forget this?!  I was driving home one day a few weeks ago and on the side of the road stood the HITCHHIKER!  For those that are new around here, follow the link and read up on hitchhiker boy.  If my blog serves me correctly, I haven't seen him since 2010 - WOWZA!  I'm beside myself knowing he is still alive, and hitchin'.  I called Bob right away to tell him about it, but he wasn't quite as excited as I was.  Not sure if I should be happy or sad that he's still a hitchhiker... I had big dreams for him, as I'm sure he did too!

Enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Took a door off our storage room in the basement and we're going to use it to make a headboard... I've failed to take before pictures, but I'll be sure to post some pictures once it's finished.

I photographed a wedding this past weekend!

Steve and I started Kettlebells last Wednesday - I was super sore all day Thursday and Friday!  I can't wait to do it again - we're all signed up for once a week until Jan 9th, 2013!  Shit will kick your ass, lemme tell ya!

I'm probably forgetting a few things, but I think that covers it.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I just looked at Izzy and said, "Ang is a wench face and she's FINALLY posting again." Yep. I called you a wench face.

Curves never sounded like a good idea to me. I mean, good in THEORY but considering that many of my old lady customers talk about it I pretty much assumed I'd feel old for going there.

And why exactly are you not cooking me food and bringing it here? Don't you know I'm hopeless in the kitchen and need someone with cookie savvy to save me from a lifetime of frozen pizzas?

Anyway, we need to get together. I'm not kidding. Food or coffee or SOMETHING. Lets make it happen. Or I'm going to continue to refer to you as wench face.

Dana said...

You're back! I love big, long catch up posts like this. So much to comment on so I'll just keep it short. I want a king sized bed! I'm kind of jealous about your mixer. I'm 2-0 in my FF'll get better as time passes. I have 2 episodes left of Dexter Season 6. I used to go to Curves a lifetime ago and liked it and then it got Yay for the hitchhiker! Yay for you writing again!

Kristi said...

I was about to call in the troops on yo ass! Thanks for the update!! Although I am one to talk about being behind with blogging!! haha

Shannon said...

Ummm... can we make sausage cheese balls every day in your mixer? K thanks!


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