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Monday, July 9, 2012

No Title - Just Rant

I'm officially defeated.
I woke up today to puke and poop many places from my sick little cat, I decided to hang back for a bit and watch to see if he showed any signs of improvement... round about 7am, when I knew Steve's alarm was set to go off I went upstairs and held back my tears to tell him what was going on and why I was still at home... we decided to turn on the AC because we're pretty sure my cat gets really hot on warm days... so the first thing I do is go to close a window and as I'm trying to lock it the fucking thing cracks and breaks into maybe 5 pieces... more or less, in my hand.  Like, I pushed my fucking hand through a window... right through it. How I didn't get a single cut or scrape on me is beyond me.

On top of this, I go into work because I'm told there is a meeting that I need to be a part of pretty much first thing in the am... so I go in with the plan to just attend the meeting, setup a shipment, and go home.
At the meeting I'm informed that all the 'hauling ass' we've been doing to get shit entered over the last 2 months is now all having to be redone (essentially in a different 'company' in our software)... so that's fucking great.  NOT.
Then I have the owner up my ass about some shit that was never and should never be my job.  If he'd even attempt to do a lick of work in a given day, I'd probably die of a heart attack.
While deep down, I'm not capable of murder, I'd give anything to have this guy wiped from the planet.  If only I had the ball or the money to make that happen.  This dude, partial owner of a company that I technically don't even work for yet, is good at one thing: micromanaging.  I'm over it and I'm done listening to him.  I've applied for so many jobs I can't even keep them straight.

I'm behind on my blog reading, so much so I'm ready to just say fuck it and clear my reader and start fresh.  Sorry I haven't commented lately, on most of your blogs, I may not comment on the ones in the past weeks at all.
I suck.

Chicago was great, Chicago was hot (temps in the hundreds, heat indexes near 106!!), Chicago trip was too short.  I am happy to be home, because I very much get home sick everytime I am on vacation (i'm a homebody)... I really could have stayed gone forever when it comes to going back to work.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like you and I need to create a kick ass business so we can both stop trying to find new jobs. I swear I've applied for EVERYTHING and either I never hear a word back or they want me to call into work and switch my schedule because they're only interviewing on ONE DAY and that one day is the day after they call me. So ridiculous.

I sincerely hope your kitty starts feeling better... I feel that pain of knowing your pet isn't feeling well and not being able to do a whole lot about it. Monte was in really bad pain the week of my finals, to the point where he wouldn't even move without crying.

ANYWAY. You know if you need anything to let me know. Sending you happy thoughts!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh that really sucks, Ang. It sounds like you are having essentially a bad week because it's only Monday. If I were closer, I'd buy you a drink. :) If it makes you feel better I think the heat is getting to my cats as well and I moved their food/water to my bedroom because I'm certain they just sit in my room in front of the fan.

Dana said...

Don't you hate it when one thing happens and then all shit just goes wrong? When it rains, it pours. I hope Boomer is all better now and I hope that you can get out of that hellhole of a place called work!

Laura in Cancun said...

I hope your kitty gets better! And so glad your hand is ok :)

Hang in there at work. Your blog readers are here for support!

Kristi said...

I'm finally now just reading this a month later, talk about behind on blogs!! Sorry the owner is such an A-hole, I hate people like that, they make my blood boil....


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