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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random Update v16.1

So it's been a hot minute since I've typed a random blog... I'm gonna try to do a random update of sorts.  Lots to be keeping track of in my life right now.  I'm seriously behind.

  • Last October (2015) my (maternal) grandfather passed away. 
  • Last month (August 2016), his wife, my (maternal) Grandmother, passed away.
    • That means, in a span of 15 months, I lost 3 grandparents and a cat.  I'm ready for death to be done.
  • In June, I added a little tattoo to my growing collection, in honor of my little buddy (this is his actual print):

  • Somewhere around the end of July, we took a jack hammer to our front stairs and began building a patio all by ourselves.  I'll post another blog detailing this patio.. it's pretty cool actually.
    Here is what our house looked like when we moved in:

    Here is what our house looks like now (currently under construction still):
  • I have some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks:
    • I'm running a Vikings 5k on 10/1 and the finish line is at the 50 yard line of the new home to the Minnesota Vikings (U.S. Bank Stadium)
    • After that 5k, I will be boarding a plane with my mom and brother and heading to Portland, OR for a few days!
    • I'm going to see Sia on 10/13!!!
    • A week after Sia I will be boarding a plane with my favorite group of girls and heading to VEGAS!!
      • We also have ticket to see Britney Spears while in Vegas :)
I think that is probably about all I've got for now... I"ll put together something regarding the patio, with more detail real soon for your reading pleasure.



Kim Airhart said...

It's good to see a blog from you. I'm sorry about your loss. That is never easy but it sounds like you have a lot of good things to look forward too. Sia is on of my favorites. Never been to Vegas but I love Portland. Enjoy all of the things you have to look forward too. ;)

Kristi said...

Hi Ang!! I NEVER check blogs or my reader anymore but did today. Love to see you here! I miss bloggin and reading them. FB took over because it is so much more convenient. Lame excuse but true!
Too much loss for sure. Any new kitties in your future?


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