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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving On

I think I've made it clear in my blog that I'm unhappy at my current job.  I've been applying and handing in my resume EVERY.WHERE.
I've been on a bogus interview or two.
I never gave up.

Over the last two weeks I've been communicating with a company 12 miles from my house.  I had a first interview, then I had a second interview.  Then they asked me to come in for a couple of hours, paid, to get a feel for the company and see if we'd all be a good fit.

On Monday I received an email, asking me to come in to discuss a job offer.

Today, I gave my 2 week notice and my last day with this company will be Nov. 21st.  I begin a new journey on Monday, November 26th.

I'll still be doing office/administrative work.  It's still a small company.  I'll have to start working on Friday's - which.. will be interesting.  However parts of me feel like giving up 10 hour days will be a welcomed change.. .then the other part of me says '10 hours only seems long because it's such a miserable place to work'.

Oh well.  It's a necessary change.

Today, I told my favorite co-worker, Bob.  I cried.  He cried after he walked away from me.  We are both so miserable here, we are each others only saving grace.  I feel so awful to be leaving him alone in this - however.. I have to do what is best for me.


The timing is perfect.  Tomorrow my mom and I leave for a long weekend (Th-Sun) in La Jolla, CA (just North of San Diego).  I plan to relax and hopefully catch up on some of that sleep that I haven't been getting for a few months now - only I'll be sleeping on the beach instead of in a bed :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Can I just say I am mad jealous. Happy for you but totally jealous.

I'm getting so tired of sending my resume to EVERYONE. I go on interviews and feel good but at the last second I lose it.

So hopefully I can get some of your job luck. Lord knows I need to stop serving. I hate it.

Have fun on your little vacay - see ya Tuesday night!

Bethie The Boo said...

Congrats on finding a new and hopefully fulfilling job - as a fellow admin, I can relate to those feelings!

Kristi said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!! Congrats Ang!!!! Moving on to bigger and better and closer and happier!!! Yay!!!! Have a wonderful time in Cali!!!!

Smart Ass Sara said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Sure, the hours will be different but you might end up loving it. It's exciting, and it might give you all new challenges and THEN, maybe you'll make new, kick ass friends. :)

Laura in Cancun said...


I've had some issues at my current job as well and I'm keeping an eye out for other opportunities. Hope I'm as lucky as you :) :)

Dana said...

Can I say how embarrassing it is to just read this post now? I'm sorry for the delay but congratulations to you! I'm so happy you no longer have to work at the old place.


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